Horrid Henry and the Pet Show DVD Review

Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

Horrid Henry is an animation television programme on Nickelodeon, based on children’s books by Francesca Simon. I can’t say I haven’t really watched any of Horrid Henry before or read any of the books, but I have heard of him.

The Horrid Henry and the Pet Show DVD (Volume 33) features five episodes/adventures:

  • Horrid Henry and the Pet Show
  • Horrid Henry and the Marvellous Mind Reader
  • Horrid Henry and the Demon Dentist
  • Horrid Henry and the Lucky Thing
  • Horrid Henry’s Class Action

They are all short little adventures. The main one on this DVD is Horrid Henry and the Pet Show.

Henry sees his brother Peter, who he likes to call worm, giving his pet cat Fluffy a really good brush and finds out he is getting him ready to enter him into a pet show. Henry chats to his own pet called Fang explaining they are not interested in any pet show – but then on going outside his neighbour Margaret throws over the fence a programme for the pet show to pass into his brother Peter. Henry still thinks that this is all a bit boring and not interested, but crazily his pet Fang shows that he is interested and wants to join. Henry is like, oh no! Don’t want to do this. He goes to see Margaret to see how he can get Fang to win the show!

Margaret is very crafty and gets Henry to hand over things belonging to him that she wants like comics etc, in return she offers advice on how to win. She gives him a list of things to do including get fit, have a shower and wear a ballerina outfit and practice being a ballerina.

Peter tells Henry he uses mum’s hairdryer to dry pets, but this turns out to be a lie, as mum explains danger to use hairdryers, Peter is just trying to get Henry in trouble. Mum dried Fang instead, his pet now looks like a ball of fluff!

Henry soon discovers Margaret is double dealing as it turns out she is helping others to try to win, probably also getting items off then in return for advice.

But still determined to win Henry gives into Margaret again for more advice this time handing over is golden gizmo.

Then at the main event with the judges lined up Henry says to Fang remember what to do! And Fang pretends to collapse! Margaret who is one of the judges declares fangs as disqualified which makes Henry do his famous SCREAM!

This just goes to show you that Margaret is a crafty person who does things to get what she wants…

The next adventure is Horrid Henry and the Marvellous Mind Reader.

Brothers Henry and Peter do what some siblings seem to do – argue at the table. Peter saying how predictable Henry is. Henry tries to do things different to what Peter says he always does, but turns out Peter being a bit clever, tricked Henry to do different things.

Henry talks to his friends and they say can’t believe you fell for that from your brother. Henry tries to be unpredictable, gets up early rather than late. Turns out Margaret is up to her tricks again tricking both brothers.

The next adventure is Horrid Henry and the Demon Dentist.

Margaret and her friends club together to play a trick on Henry, all the girls find this funny. Turns out though not as bad as Henry thought it would be.

The fourth adventure is Horrid Henry and the Lucky Things.

Henry gets quite annoyed that his mum as sorted out his bedroom, realising she has also sorted out his drawers and lost his lucky thing! All Henry’s friends hear about this. As he goes to school lots of things go wrong including him ending up in detention, after this his friends offer him their lucky things. This is kind, but Henry goes on to get a lucky thing from one of his teachers, and on his way home his luck changes.

The last adventure is Horrid Henry’s Class Action.

The school hold an election for the school council, which turns out to be a bit of a fix.

Overall, Horrid Henry is a very colourful program to watch, with a very catchy tune! I watched with my grandchildren in the October half term and they enjoyed it. It gave us a lot to talk about, as we found the adventures were about people being a bit nasty, and we talked about how not to treat people, but to be kind.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £5

For more information or to buy visit www.abbeykids.co.uk.

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