Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain at the Alhambra Theatre Review

HHBBUKTourHorrible Histories
Barmy Britain
Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

17-21 June 2014

Reviewed by Pamela Wright


Tonight we have been to see the Horrible Histories Live on Stage:

Years BRITAIN performed by The Birmingham Stage Company.

I took my 2 eldest daughters who are in year 2 and 4. They were really excited about going to see this as they have watched Horrible Histories on television and my eldest has had some interesting history subjects/homework at school.

We had seats towards the front of the stalls so had a brilliant view. The stage had a huge television screen which had an animated Barmy Britain screen playing which was very clever.

The whole show is made up of just a small but amazing enthusiastic talented cast of just 4 people (they were all brilliant and enthusiastic but my personal favourite was Alison Fitzjohn she had me crying with laughter at some points and had the whole room captivated throughout), they play lots of different historical roles and do it brilliantly and look like they are enjoying it as much as we were. There is a huge television screen and special lighting/sound effects to add extra drama to each story.

They have managed to bring history to life and bring it up to date by giving boring historical facts/names/dates a funky edge by using comedy/music/catchy songs to make things more exciting.

I’m a fan of English and Maths and always found history really boring (it was my least favourite subject) but the Birmingham Stage Company has chucked everything boring about it into the bin and replaced it with up to date comedy.

I loved that there was reference to modern day television shows/programmes throughout which added a massive comedy factor. I think it’s really nice to find a show that’s a fab night out but also educational at the same time without the kids realising (it’s a bit like making a gorgeous tasting spag bol for tea but secretly fine chopping some of their 5 a day into it without them realising!!! hehehe).

When the first half of the show ended we were told by “Queen’s Orders” to collect sunglasses from the staff at the theatre and to return to our seat in 15 minutes. We collected our glasses and returned to our seats. The glasses and effects brought the 2nd half of the show to a whole new level.

I would love to see this as a school trip for my children, being able to send my children to the theatre to have fun and learn at the same time is priceless.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost from £12 to £15 (plus booking fee). Family tickets are available for £40 (cannot be booked online).

Horrible Histories Barmy Britain is at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford until 21 June 2014. For more information or to book tickets click here or call the box office on 01274 432000.

The Alhambra Theatre, Morley Street, Bradford, BD7 1AJ | Box Office 01274 432000


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