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Home Office Plastic Storage Box with Organiser Tray Review

Reviewed by David Savage

The home office (not the government one) is becoming increasing popular with more people choosing to work from home. Why wouldn’t you want to sit in the comfort of your own home? Or being able to arrange your work hours to suit you? I find I get more done from home, and another bonus is that there is no commuting time, although you do have do disciplined and organised otherwise you will get nothing done (so working from home isn’t for everyone).

Working from your home office will require certain things such as a desk, laptop, phone etc… and plenty of storage. You will need storage for all the paperwork you generate (even with a “paperless office” lots of paperwork seems to be created, as well as storage for stationery and business cards. As most home offices will probably be the smallest room in the house and space will be at a premium, you need storage that is adequate for the job, has plenty of space, is compact and also looks good.

I needed something that, for the most part, stored paperwork and that’s where the Plastic Box Shop came in. They offer a huge range of affordable storage boxes that will suit all needs. While browsing their website I found something that would be great for my needs; the Home Office Plastic Storage Box with Organiser Tray.

The Home Office Plastic Storage Box with Organiser Tray is a very sturdy plastic Foolscap suspension file box that also features a six-compartment storage tray above the files. It measures approx. 43.5cm in length, 40cm in width and 35cm in height. It is available in 2 colours; Lime Green or Fuchsia.

The box features a transparent hinged lid that clips shut.

Beneath the lid is a plastic tray split in six sections; 31 x 22cm, 6 x 13cm, 9.5 x 22.5cm, 5 x 13cm and two 10 x 6.5cm compartments. The large compartment is perfect for A4 sheets of paper while the 10 x 6.5cm are perfect for business cards.

Below the removable storage tray is plenty of space to hang Foolscap suspension files so that you can easily store all your paperwork. Although depending on your needs you could just use it as storage space for other items rather that files.

Now with all the weight of paperwork, other paraphernalia and moving around, the box must be able to hold all that weight, which it does with ease. The plastic base is solid and quick thick and will easily stand up to the rigours of daily use.

Overall, this is a fantastic home office storage box that doesn’t have a massive footprint but stores a lot. Its design lends itself to making storage in your home office easy but also makes transporting your work between the office or client sites and home stress free. And once that lid is snapped closed you don’t have to worry about things falling out when transporting it.

I think this box is perfect for any home office but if I had to make any changes, firstly I would probably have a bigger range of colours (although I do quite like the lime green one I received) and would probably add different and bigger carrying handles (it does has an small space either side to put your fingers in on the left and right sides to enable moving). That said, I would size rate it 5 stars as it is very sturdy, has plenty of storage space and I think is a very reasonable price at £16 (£19.20 including VAT).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £16 ex. VAT (£19.20 inc. VAT)

For more information or to buy visit www.plasticboxshop.co.uk.

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