Here’s How To Have A Fun Family Movie Night At Home

Let’s face facts, going to the cinema is very expensive today, no matter how big the screen is, or how wonderful the 3D or 4D experience. Not only do you have to pay for a cinema ticket for you and all your family members, but you also have to pay for the popcorn, drinks, hotdogs and all the other extravagances that make up a typical night at the flicks. For a family on a budget (and most of us are these days), it’s worth giving up that night at the cinema and having a movie night at home instead. It will be significantly cheaper, and your kids won’t be pestering you for the expensive treats littering the concession stand.

Here’s how you can have a fun night at the movies, from the comfort of your very own living room.

Make one-off purchases

Okay, so we were talking about cutting back on costs, but there are a few items worth buying to enhance your movie night. A surround sound system will immerse you in the experience, and it’s possible to buy something whatever your budget is like. You will also need a decent tv stand with mount to give everybody a good viewing angle, or opt for a projector and screen for that optimal cinema feel.

Turn it into a special event

Kids love going to the cinema, so make the home viewing experience as exciting as possible. Set a time and date to give the family something to look forward to, and let your kids create invitations if you are planning on opening up your house to friends and family.

Set the atmosphere

Depending on the movie, you may want to set a theme. So, if you’re watching the latest Marvel movie, for example, get everybody to dress up as superheroes. Then work on the room. Dimmer lights would be perfect if you have them, but turning the lights off will do, with the curtains closed to block any pesky light coming through. Beanbags are a comfortable seating option or throw a few cushions and pillows around to laze on. You won’t be able to enjoy the movie if there is clutter lying around, so do a quick burst of housework to ensure nobody is distracted by mess when the movie has started.

Don’t forget the food

Part of the cinema-going experience is the food and drinks, so set up a snacks stand, or fill some boxes with yummy popcorn, ready for the big event. To mix things up a little, here are some useful food ideas for the evening, including creative recipes for popcorn, potato chips, and nachos.

Choose the movie

There are loads of ways to watch movies at home, from DVDs to Netflix and Amazon. You will want to choose something family appropriate of course, but there are plenty of films that will appeal to both kids and adults.

Finishing touches

For an authentic cinema experience, set a few rules, such as no talking while the film is on, and have a ban on mobile devices. Have an intermission with a toilet break too, with time to visit the snack stand while the movie is on pause. Before the film starts, do something you wouldn’t do in the cinema, and get everyone snug and comfy in their pyjamas. Then settle down to enjoy the movie, and enjoy the special bonding time you will have together.

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