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Henry Bell Bird Feeders Review


Reviewed by Mel Magnan

I was lucky enough to receive a lovely bundle of bird feeders and food which are made by “Henry Bell “ a well known established family owned British business which began all the way back to 1825 so I’m sure they know everything there is about birds and what they like to eat …and what they need . This would make an excellent Father’s Day present for a dad that has everything and who spends time in the garden with his family.

The bundle I received came with two metal robust heavy duty feeders which i should imagine will last me a life time one of the feeders is a peanut holder which has a tray which would catch all of the stray crumbs and some where for the birds to perch the other metal feeder is for seeds and has three perches so the birds can share if they can ….comes also with a tray to again catch the crumbs and they both have easy lift lids when it comes to refill them , the third feeder was smaller and made of plastic and came filled with a superior seed mix also has a easy lift lid and two perches on each side for the birds to sit.

The company all so sent me two bags of food to put in the metal feeders one being a superior seed mix which includes whole wheat, red Dari , maize, black sun flower ,millet and soya oil so you know the birds are having a treat, the second bag are peanuts both bags are 1kg so will last a while you can also purchase bigger bags so would last longer although the birds in our garden don’t know that and don’t know how to share . So I was over the moon to be able to review such lovely items as I love having birds visit our garden , I already have a feeding station in the garden so have the ideal place to hang the feeders the birds are going to love it ,they are so greedy the food doesn’t last long once they know there is more food available especially the starlings they squabble over it making such a racket .I love to sit in our garden first thing in the morning with a coffee and watch several species of birds coming to feed including blue tits , robins ,house sparrows ,and sometimes finches if I’m lucky they seem to be very few of them about , yesterday i did have a large magpie hanging off one of the feeders it looked ridiculous but it didn’t stay long . I also have a large saucer of water with some large stones in for them to have a clean up and splash about after eating.

Since lock down we are grateful we have a garden it is our sanctuary and the feeders will make it even more special to be able to watch the birds come and go .The bigger birds such as blackbirds ,thrushes , and pigeons will quickly eat the bits if any that have dropped onto the ground. Henry Bell has a big variety of products that can be found on their web site which can easily be found their items include lovely wooden bird tables, meal worms which the robins love , seeds , suet balls the list goes on , so everything for people who love to feed the birds and their items can also be brought in garden centers, and all reasonably priced , making them great for gifts . The bags the food come in can be recycled so that’s a bonus ,there is also tips on how to feed the birds how to clean the feeders occasionally to keep the birds healthy , and the ingredients and all about Henry Bell so a wealth of information on each bag . I am so grateful in having this to review it is something i really enjoy doing feeding and watching the birds. So thank you Henry Bell I shall be buying your products again ..

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20 each

These products can be purchased from the Henry Bell website here.

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