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TwisterTwister Trio Set


Reviewed by Bethany Jones

I have been awaiting arrival of the Hauck Twister Trio Set – a pram, car seat and carry cot all in one. Once it arrived I was surprised to see it fit in one box! I had my doubts that it would have been scratched but it was perfectly packed, and once I had it all out of the box there wasn’t a single mark.

I received the black and chocolate model, a unisex colour but perfect for my little boy. Straightaway I got the booklet to see how to assemble it all. It was a step-by-step guide using pictures and was very easy to follow, as I had the wheels on and pram seat attached within minutes. The one thing I struggled with was attaching the hood as I originally put it on the wrong way round and it was a struggle to get it off. But once I had attached it properly I was amazed at how good the hood was, and both me and my son loved the ‘flap’ so I could still see him. Another fantastic element was the seat liner, it made it look very cosy and comfy that I myself was tempted to sit in it, plus my son didn’t put up a fight so it definitely gets his seal of approval.

We took it for its first test drive, my usual route involved cobbles and a steep hill, which is normally a bumpy ride for my son and hard work for me, but the Twister made it so easy. The heavy duty wheels make a huge difference, and the adjustable handle bar allowed me to put the handle in the position I needed to make the hill climb less of an obstacle.

The novelty of being able to turn it 360 degrees still excites me, up until now I’ve kept my son parent facing. I thought I’d give world facing a go but after a while he became overwhelmed by all the different things he could see. A quick twist and he was back to my happy smiley baby as he was back to parent facing in the blink of an eye. This saved me having to cope with one of his meltdowns, which are not fun! I wasn’t keen on the apron, there is no obvious place as to where I attach it and it was also baggy at the top. So I’d probably prefer to use my universal footmuff instead during the colder months.

Next we tried the car seat. To look at I would probably still use my old car seat but I’ve learnt never to judge a book by its cover. I sat my son in and he looked extremely snug and cosy. The one thing that wasn’t easy to do was tighten the straps, I could loosen them but struggled to find instructions on how to tighten them. The small hood on the seat was miles better than on my old one.

I tried the seat in my sister-in-laws car, which was a 3 door, and normally a struggle. But I found the twister seat easier to get it and it is slightly smaller. I had no problems fastening it in with the seat belt and then we were away.

The few things I didn’t like about the car seat, are that it does seem very small and my son would outgrow it quite fast. Also the quality isn’t as good in comparison to others, as there were marks where the plastic has been moulded and shaped.

Finally we tried the carry cot. It was easy to attach to the pram frame and again, the hood was really good and offered a lot more protection than my old one. The base of the carry cot was padded and my son was happy to lie in it. Considering my son is very long for his age (4 months) he still had plenty of room to stretch out.

Storing it is so easy, it all fits in my small cupboard under the stairs. Although I was upset to see the chocolate frame did scratch easily and the paint had come away.

Overall it turned a lot of heads while out walking, especially when sat in my local café, and to save space, I twisted the seat so my son could face the table too.

£499 for the whole set is an unbelievable price. It’s cheap but it doesn’t look cheap at all and has definitely changed my opinion on the brand. At first I used to think, cheap price must mean cheap product, but now I just think it’s an absolute bargain and well worth the money. I will definitely be recommending this to friends and family when they are looking for a new travel system. It ticks every box of what I’d personally look for.

  • aluminium frame
  • 360° seat unit
  • buggy weight 11.8 kg
  • heightadjustable handle
  • suspension
  • one-hand adjustment of the back rest
  • lying area 82 cm
  • seat width 32 cm

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £499

For more information and full specifications click here.

Available to buy from Amazon here or other retailers here.

4 half Star

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