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Hassle-free foot measuring with Treads

Written by Louise Totton

My kids break up for the summer holidays this week, and I am already thinking about the list of new things that they will need for September! Our school has just emailed parents to inform us of a new policy – we are not allowed to send the kids in to school shoes that are anything other than completely black. My kids go through school shoes at a ridiculous rate of knots – I think they must walk ‘heavy’, so I have always tended to go for heavy-duty trainers for them, which are now banned! I have been looking for shoes for them that I think will stand up to the rigours of long walks to school, playing out in the rain and running around in the playground, and I think I may have found them with Treads!

Treads was born by the frustrations of a real parent who was as frustrated as I have been with school shoes simply not standing up to normal, school life. Treads shoes have a full 12-month guarantee, as well as featuring a Dual Fit system, meaning that even if the kids’ feet grow, the shoes won’t need replacing!

The other thing I really like about them is that I don’t need to take the kids into town to get their feet measured – you can either download and print a simple foot measuring kit, or you can order a proper one to you for £4.99. We have been trying out the kit that Treads sent to us, and it makes foot measuring so easy!

Measuring your child’s foot is a simple, three step process – measure the length, the width, then input the measurements into the handy foot sizing tool on the website and Treads will tell you what size to buy for your child!

The first step is to measure the length. This is done using the blue, plastic length measuring tool. The foot should be measured wearing the style of socks your child will wear for school – we measured my daughter’s with bare feet as she’s a strange child who doesn’t wear socks! You need to make sure the heel is against the heel rest, and the slider lightly touches the largest toe, and be sure to measure both feet.

How to measure foot length

The next step is to measure the width of the foot using the tape measure that is included in the pack. You have to be sure to measure at the widest point of the foot, where you can feel the big and little toe joints. This will probably mean the measure is at an angle, rather than straight. Be sure the measure is pulled snug, but not too tight! Again, measure both feet!

How to measure foot width

Finally, you just need to pop the measurements into the online foot sizer tool. Use the largest of the two foot measurements that you have noted down. Once you have entered them and pressed calculate, the foot sizer will calculate the correct shoe size for your child, all without a long and stressful trip into town!

Let Treads calculate the correct shoe size

Now all you need to do is head over to and order a pair of perfectly fitting school shoes.

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