Harry Potter: A Christian Chronicle by Sonia Falaschi-Ray Review


Reviewed by Kylie Holmes

An effective book cover that manages to catch your eye and convey the idea behind the book.

When this book arrived, I was miffed at the title.  In the distant past, I remember there have been some unfavourable remarks made by narrow minded Christian groups about the ever-popular teenage wizard Harry Potter and to be honest I thought this was going to be same.  But I was proved wrong!

Don’t let the title put you off.  This intriguing book is well written and researched and gets you thinking of the connections that could be.  This author has composed a positive Christian slant on the books J K Rowling has written.

Falaschhi-Ray compares the main characters in the Harry Potter novels to figures from the Bibles New Testament.  With Harry Potter having a resemblance to Jesus overcoming evil with good and being prepared for self-sacrifice. The giant Rubeus Hagird is compared to Simon Peter and Professor Severus Snape the half blood wizard to St. Paul.

Overall, this book certainly makes you sit up and think that everything has a parallel in the universe! Harry Potter fans will find the connections remarkable and get Christians thinking. What is memorable about this book is Sonia Falaschi Ray informs you about the connections with Egyptian, classical and Nordic mythology, Arthurian legends and Shakespeare. 10 out 10 goes to Sonia Falaschi Ray go to you for having the strength for upholding and promoting Christian morality and spiritual truth. Well done!!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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