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Hape Tasty Proteins Set Review

Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

I was asked to review the Hape Tasty Proteins play food set and the items arrived at a great time the beginning of the summer holidays, so something new for my grandchildren to play with.

It does say aged 3 years and over. So ideal for my grandchildren aged 7 years, almost 5 years, but need to be careful around the 2-year-old grandson. Obviously, he wanted to join in with playing with his brother and sister so I just made sure I was around whilst they all played together.

The box contained 9 pieces:

  • A chicken leg-  a small white bone made of plastic with a material end that comes off.
  • 2 small rashers bacon – made from thin bendable material.
  • Small piece steak – which is made into 3 pieces held together with Velcro.
  • A fish – which has two side’s that come off so that you can see the inside of the fish.
  • A slice of lemon – made from a soft material.
  • A play knife.
  • 2 small paper type trays.

We all sat down together to have a look at each item, the grandchildren wanted to know where each of the food items came from. Which animal etc. So we began to Google each one so that I could explain a bit more.

Then we talked about ‘why’ we eat them, and how very important it is for our bodies to have protein – as every one of them does give you the protein we need.

We decided to go to the local supermarket to have a look at the real pieces of meat. I purchased some similar to these educational toy ones so that back home I could prepare and cook some whilst the children pretend with there’s.

Once cooked we enjoyed the food whilst continuing with the conversation about protein.

Now although I love fish I don’t like the after smell in the house so I don’t buy very often, but because this is also a good source of protein the next day we gave it a go (with the window’s open and a couple of candles on later). The grandchildren pretended to do everything I did with the Hape fish including squeezing the lemon!

We talked about different ways to cook each item and think about different recipes so that you can get the protein your body needs every day. They found this all very interesting.

They played outside pretending to be doing a bbq and setting up a picnic blanket.  The 7 year old was also pretending she was a waitress and taking everyone’s orders pointing out as you placed your order how delicious the food was and very good for you.

My grandson, who’s almost 5, wanted to be in charge of his pretend bbq and kept saying it won’t be long, got to make sure it’s cooked properly. And the little 2 year old grandson just wanted to copy everything his brother and sister were doing – which was great as long as I supervised due to the small parts.

We really enjoyed doing this review as it helped to teach the children about healthy eating, and role playing.

All the parts are good quality apart from the little white trays. I know they represent supermarket / butchers trays which are made of a similar material but feel be much better made of hard plastic or something because of how these are made of they got wet they wouldn’t last long.

This turned out to be a very educational review, back to basic simple toy and an excellent way to teach children about food.

So checkout the company’s website. for these and more educational toys.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £24.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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