Halos N Horns Baby Moisturiser Review

Halos N Horns Baby Moisturiser

Reviewed by Shelley East

When this product arrived I was impressed by the packaging and size of the product. If in a supermarket or chemist looking for a moisturiser I would be drawn to pick this up and read the information given on the packaging. I also believe that the packaging would stand well amongst other children's branded products and is more eye catching than my regular moisturiser that I have purchased for my children.

I love the ethics of this product and the companies understanding of what's important to a mother when buying products for our children. This product states that it’s not tested on animals and that the formulation is dermapaedic. As soon I saw this on the label I knew this product was mild, kind to eyes and suitable for sensitive skin.

All the ingredients used in this product are naturally derived moisturisers such as Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil for condition and protection and combined they leave the skin feeling baby soft. The product contains no SLS, MIT and parabens that are present in other famous branded products.

The instructions say to massage into babies skin after bathing or changing. We tested the product after bathing my daughter and it was a thumbs up from me at how easy the skin absorbed the moisturiser. I warmed it in my hands and massaged it into her skin. The product is non-greasy and doesn't leave any residue or stickiness. It also made my hands nice and soft too! Reviewing this product was a lovely excuse to give the baby a massage which is a great way of bonding and spending time with a baby. She went straight off to sleep once in her cot and I felt all warm inside knowing that the product was good for her skin and that we had spent special time together during the massage. She was very relaxed and enjoyed the interaction with me. The scent of the moisturiser is delicate and lightly fragranced.

I now use this product as now as part of my daily routine and I no longer use the famous branded moisturiser (that I have used for over 7 years and on four children). It’s perfect for on the go moisture as fits easily into my changing bag when we are out and about. After reviewing this product I am excited to try other products from Halos N Horns on my children for their skincare needs! I am very excited to learn that they also produce bath time washes, shampoos and conditioners, hair detangler and toothpaste. All have a fruity fragrance which the children will love.

I will definitely purchase these products for my children!

Rating: 5/5 

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