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Reviewed by Zahra Escott

These Dad Tags (teething dog tags that Dads can wear) arrived promptly and were packaged well. I loved the ease of the packaging as it was in a see through zip bag. I liked how the back of the bag had teething jewellery in different languages but I did get the important information on the bag itself about making sure this product is only played with under adult supervision was in English alone. That made me question the logic at why the words “Teething Jewellery” was able to be immediately understood by all but the important bit concerning safety was not. Inside the bag were the Dad Tags and also a little booklet with care instructions and safety instructions in multiple languages so my concern over the lack of understanding eased a little but then I still worry how many people actually take the time to read the booklet although most of the safety instructions are common sense hopefully.

The tags themselves are of good quality. They are BPA free and made of non-toxic silicone and no Bisphenol A. This is also stated on the front of the bag it came in. We received the Commander colour which is a lovely deep grey. On the website there are many different colour options meaning that although a masculine product, in my opinion being dog tags they can appeal to both fathers and mothers or other family members. My seven month old loved chewing on it and handled the dog tags easily as the size was very good. The clasp on the necklace held firm as an adult, either myself or my husband, wore the dog tags. They resembled actual dog tags too with the pretend indentation where the information on actual dog tags would be. If this could be personalized in someway that would give this product a fabulous personal touch.

The only issue I had with this product is the roughness of the necklace. Whilst the dog tags themselves are soft against the skin the cord that the dog tags hang on and rests around my neck was very hard and rough especially when my daughter was chewing and playing on them.

Overall, my daughter enjoyed this product and think it is a very fabulous option of teething jewellery for fathers or mothers alike.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.95

Available to buy from Gumigem here.

4 Star

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