GreenPaxx Slim Snack Review


Reviewed by Deborah Goodliffe

GreenPaxx Slim Snack food pouches are described as reusable snack packs, they are very brightly coloured and fun to look at.

I have used them in a child’s lunch box and the best thing about it was that they squashed into a funny shape to fit the space in the crowded box. This is useful but I would need to remember not to overfill the container. A good size and I could fit a decent amount of food into the container and the carrot batons I put in stayed fresh. I broke up flapjack and it stayed fresh at the end of the next day so I know that the seal is reliable.

I hand washed this item as I felt that the shape wouldn’t lend itself to dishwasher cleaning. The product is fairly priced with a RRP of £11.95 for a pack of 4 (can be found on Amazon at just over £10). Packaging was minimal but adequate as expected from a product promoting environmental issues. I was asked where I had bought them by a lady at the play park, she noticed them because of the bright colours which is a lovely talking point.


My daughter who is three found the caps a bit difficult to get open and needed some help but I’m sure that by the time she is school age she will have mastered it.

I would use them as much as the children, and I look forward to making smoothy ice lollies. I have used a very similar product purchased from Ikea which are much smaller and made from a thinner material which I have been using for about a year. I would purchase the GreenPaxx in preference as I think they would last a long time as the product is manufactured to a much higher specification and the lid seems to create a more durable seal.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.95 (pack of 4)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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