GreaterSkies Custom Star Map Review

Reviewed by Julie Jessup

I know a lot of us do not like to hear the C word in September, however, before we know it Christmas will be here. I personally like to have all of my Christmas shopping completed before December so I can enjoy all of the festivities without stressing.

But as the years go by, I am struggling, so many people have so much, instead of birthdays or Christmas they just purchase items as they want them.

So, what do you buy for that person who has everything?

Well I now have the answer to that very question! You log onto a website called GreaterSkies.

This year it was mine and hubbies 40th Wedding Anniversary, I know I can hear the empathy emanating from all of your devices. But some of us really are true martyrs! We are both fascinated with the beautiful night sky, so we went away to an observatory and did some star gazing.

When I heard from The GreaterSkies Team I thought what a wonderful way to remember and celebrate our day by having something unique just to ourselves. So, I ordered a map of the stars that were in the sky on the day and time we were wed. March 17th 1979 at 17:00hrs.

It is surprisingly easy to place your order you log onto the website, click onto create your map, you select where and when, this could be anything a birth of a baby, your birthday literally anything you would like. You then add a message so it is very personal to you or the person you are presenting it to. You can customize your map using various preset templates, you can choose from classic, bouquet, night sky and little star. Then you review and confirm. Even I managed to do it first time!

If you want your map in a hurry you can download within minutes. You will receive a link to your files which are high resolution and they can immediately be downloaded. You can print the map yourself, save it to a USB stick, or ideally send to a local printer to print this off for you. I had the option to do this with my map, as well as having a fantastic map sent to me on high quality paper. It took five days for my map to arrive and UK postage is free. You can also order various sizes. My particular map is 40cm x 50cm (50cm x 70cm is also available). I still have to purchase a frame to display my map (you can purchase it framed from GreaterSkies for an additional £35/£45 depending on size). A simple black frame will do the trick. The company encourage you to send them a photo of your map once you have found the right place to display it

It arrived in a thick cardboard tube wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

It really is an amazing gift. I did not tell my husband I had ordered it and when it arrived, I asked him to open it. He really was overjoyed. It is something you can keep forever, a memory never forgotten.

The team are wonderful and keep you updated and check if you need any help.

I really do love everything about this company and their wonderful maps. You really will not be disappointed and I am sure most people will be returning customers after their first order.

They certain get 5/5 stars from me.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.95 to £124.95

For more information or to buy visit

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