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Got it Learning Game Review


Reviewed by Amanda Gazzard

Today I am reviewing a pack of Got it Learning Cards.  Learning to read is a valuable skill that we teach our children from a young age. It forms a natural process when learning to spell and read. Children are taught in school how to phonically sound and pronounce words, by incorporating sounds to differentiate different words from each other. 

Got it Learning provides educational reading and spelling card games to help support and improve your little ones learning. Each pack has been designed by an experienced specialist teacher and is in line with the National Curriculum. The cards are multi-sensory and dyslexia friendly, so supports those that have additional learning needs. It also includes picture prompt cards to support with learning.

Got It learning have produced 5 sets in total which covers the various stages of phonic learning.
Set 1: Covers all 26 alphabet sounds, includes vowels and double consonants. Includes words such as: dad, get, his, not, but
Set 2: Includes the phonic sounds th, ck, sh, ch and ng. Includes words such as: that, back, ship, much, long
Set 3: Focuses on sounds: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo. Includes words such as: main, feels, sigh, coats, soon
Set 4: Focuses sounds: oo, ar, or, ur, ow and includes words such as: hood, far, born, hurt, how
Set 5: Includes words such as: soil, clear, pairs, figure, under
Each game can have between 2-4 players so all of the family can join in and make it more about fun rather than your little one realising they are learning.

These packs are handy to take out and about. The games take approximately between 5 – 10 minutes to play which is perfect for concentration. As your little one progresses with their learning they can then move on to the next pack.

Each of the packs have 5 Instruction cards, 5 Picture prompt cards, 8 Got it! Cards and 40 Word cards with 5 different sounds.  I chose to Set 2 review and was not left disappointed. My daughter who is in year one thoroughly enjoyed these cards and as the games were only on average only 5 to 10 minutes long it was long enough for her to be able to concentrate.
There are five, fast-paced fun games in every pack. These are Words Sets, Word Pairs, Word Match, Word Switch and Word Race. I made sure we changed the games each time as she found some easier than others. Her favourite was Word Pairs. You needed to use sound matching and the winner is who collects the most pairs.

Word Switch: This is a sound matching game. The winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards by matching the sounds to the card currently in play.

Word Race tests your phonic skills. The winner is the first person to read all the words correctly and then discard that card.

Word Match: This is game that uses sound matching. The winner is the first person to cover all their cards.

Word Sets: The winner is the person that correctly collects three-word sets using the blue letter sounds on the cards. This game was my daughters least favourite, but I feel this was the one she struggled with the most at times. I am confident that as she naturally improves with her phonics, she will enjoy this game more.

The box is sturdy enough, but I can see over time it may become battered. The cards feel of a good quality but if you have a child that likes to bend paper/card then you might need to rethink how much contact they have with the cards as they are not impossible to rip or bend.

Overall, I would highly recommend these cards. More so then ever with having experienced home schooling like the rest of the Country these have been an invaluable tool. They have made what could have been a very droll and stressful task fun.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.95 per pack or purchase all 5 sets for £42.50

This product can be purchased from the Got It Learning website here.

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