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GoodGood Giving is the new charity initiative that gives you the chance to win amazing one of a kind experiences as a thank you for your donation

When it comes to giving to Charity, the UK as a Nation are extremely generous with charity telethons, sporting events and local fundraisers amongst popular methods of donating. GoodGood Giving is a totally new and different way of giving to charities which helps to demonstrate exactly where the money goes whilst offering the donator the chance to win a unique experience in return for their donation, of which 70% goes to Charity.

GoodGood Giving is the first online fundraising platform to facilitate this form of donation in the UK, where donations begin at £10.00 and everyone is in with the chance of winning. It’s a simple three step process: choose an experience you want to win, donate an amount of money and be in with a chance to win, all whilst knowing you are doing some good.

The GoodGood Giving goal is to work directly with charities to empower them to continue their vital work. The brand has pledged a mission to raise £5million in 5 years for charities and with your help will be able to do so, all whilst giving you the chance to win cool experiences.

Experiences available to win include once in a lifetime trips such as a VIP trip to the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix, where you will get to spend time with Damon Hill and Eddie Jordan or the chance to join the Lion Whisperer AKA the infamous Kevin Richardson, with Pride in Africa.

Even if you don’t win the prize, you will still receive a thank you for taking part and information about where your money has helped. Some of the current charities include ‘The Halow Project’, which helps to support young people with learning difficulties and the ‘Kevin Richardson Foundation’, which helps endangered lions. From people to animals, there is something for everyone.

It not only feels good to donate yourself, but this Christmas GoodGood Giving are offering the chance to donate on behalf of a friend, gifting them the ticket to be in with a chance to win. Experiences with GoodGood Giving are all about the unusual, the extreme and the once in a lifetime.

To make a donation visit to be in with the chance to win an experience of a lifetime.

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