Everards Personalised Beer Review

Reviewed by Melody Floyde

Every year, as Christmas approaches, I always have the dilemma of what to buy for my partner who doesn’t really need anything and never asks for anything so one of my usual fallbacks is beer. 

I was delighted to be asked to review the Personalised Beer Gift from Everards of Leicestershire as this could be the ideal Christmas gift. My partner likes beer of all kinds, especially real ale, and having a personalised bottle would make it more special, and look less like I had made a desperate trip to my local supermarket in search of some new and exotic sounding beers!

The Personalised Beer Gift is available to order from the Everards website ( and retails at £9.95 (+£5.00 delivery). There is a choice of three different types of beer – Tiger (a Copper Ale which is the Official Beer of the Leicester Tigers); Old Original (a Ruby Ale) and Beacon Hill (an Amber Ale). I plumped for Beacon Hill as it sounded like it would be the one that my partner would enjoy the most. From the website I can see that the beer is named after Beacon Hill, a local Leicestershire Landmark (for anyone interested there is a lot of information on the Everards website). The beer was described as having a lightly hopped and moreish flavour with a malty, floral and hoppy smell and would pair well with roast chicken (I’m sure Turkey would be much the same, so it would be a great accompaniment to Christmas Dinner!). It sounded perfect.

To order the personalised beer from the Everards website was quick and easy. Firstly, I had to type in the text I wanted on the front label (up to 12 characters), in this case my partner’s name. Then I had to choose some text for the back label of up to 215 characters. I plumped for a plain and simple Happy Christmas message – but had I felt more creative there was scope for a much longer message.

When the personalised beer arrived, my initial impression was good. The beer came in a reasonably large box which was sturdy and attractive. There was a bright and colourful cardboard sleeve around the plain white box that contained the beer. The sleeve was very attractive. It had a wraparound image of the Beacon Hill landmark and had the all-important personalisation on it. There was a description of the beer and the reason for its name, which was great, it also suggested food to pair it with. As well as the roast chicken that it had suggested on the website, it would also be good with lasagne, a scotch egg or a charcuterie board – which was great as these are all things that my partner enjoys eating, so I think I made a good choice. The personalisation itself was nice and clear.

My partner’s name was on the front face of the box, in a banner image above the name of the beer and then on the back was the personalised message I had written for him. One thing I did notice was that my very short message did look a bit lost, so I think a longer message (or maybe even a bigger font) would have looked better as there was quite a lot of empty space below the text.

On opening the box, the bottle of beer was wrapped in tissue paper inside and sealed with an “E” sticker which was a nice touch as it made it look like a really special gift and it was nice to get to unwrap the beer inside as well as having unwrapped the box, almost like a double present. The label on the beer inside was a perfect match for the box so it made a great set.

However, my one and only major criticism of this gift is that the beer itself wasn’t personalised, I had assumed (from the website description of personalised beer and that it said “put your name on a bottle of our finest beer”) that the personalisation would also be printed onto the label of the bottle, but it was just a normal bottle of Beacon Hill beer so this was quite disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong, my partner loved this as a gift, and it did make a lovely gift for him. It was a treat to have his own personal bottle of beer to open and enjoy at Christmas and apparently the beer tasted good too!

I would give this 4 out of 5, as whilst it makes a great Christmas gift for a beer lover, it would have been perfect if the label of the beer itself had been personalised too.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.95

For more information or to buy visit

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