Gods and Warriors: The Outsiders by Michelle Paver Review

Reviewed by Catherine Briercliffe

When I began to read Gods and Warriors my first thoughts were that the grammar seemed to be very simple and somewhat undescriptive compared to books by my usual authors of choice. When I first picked the book something sparked a memory of Michelle Paver and recognition for previous works. So, I looked up the author online to discover she had released six books in a previous series which were worldwide best sellers in their own right and also that her works are aimed at children and young adults.

So, with this cleared up I now understood the reason for the simple grammar and the rather less graphic descriptions.

The book is set in early Bronze Age Europe particularly around Greece and centres around a young goat herder named Hylas who is searching for his younger sister Issi after they become separated and forced to flee their usual home after being invaded by an aggressive warrior tribe. From here Hylas’s adventure begins with first his escape with help from his friend Telamon, and then his travels away from his beloved mountain home to his first encounter with the sea and lands far from home. On his travels he meets and befriends a girl, Pirra, who then becomes the second main character and comrade of Hylas and who also has her own story which adds well to the plot. He also encounters animals which are quite mystical to him and artefacts which are quite mythical. Add to this the use of plants to heal and ward off spirits and offerings made to the Gods, the book becomes magical in itself. All the main characters in the book are connected in a clever plot which eventually unites them all in the final scenes.

Considering the book is aimed at the young adult market, once I began to read I could not stop and this pays testament to how well written and enjoyable the book is. If Michelle Paver can continue the series of books planned in this vein of form, I am sure that she will have another worldwide bestselling series.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £6.99 (Paperback) / £2.99 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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