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Go Camping With Explore and Snore Duggee Soft Toy Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

I have never really followed the Duggee TV episodes (or realised how very big the franchise had become) but have heard from others how popular this little character is with younger children. So when the opportunity came up to review one of the products, I was quite excited to see what it could do and how my baby nephew would react to it. With a fun filled promise of camping joy with the Explore and Snore Duggee, I was super excited to try out this reversible, electronic plush version, that sees Duggee in 2 different outfits, on my young nephew. The first outfit sees him in his hiking gear, complete with an orange coat and a little woolly hat. I was very impressed with the make of the item, the material and stitching is of superb quality which is what you need with children ten months and older, you know the product is durable and going to last. You can then turn over his backpack to tuck Duggee up in his adorable little sleeping bag. Duggee will say different phrases in each outfit and he is able to woof (something my nephew found hilarious) and plays the (what I believe to be) the iconic ’step by step’ song when he’s hiking and adorable snores when it’s bedtime (another favourite of my nephew)! You have to press Duggee’s paw in his hiking outfit for woofs and the song and press the zip on his sleeping bag for snoring woofs! The product is not heavy and my nephew easily managed to hold the toy and cuddle it. After a few excited goes, he quickly learned how to make make Duggee woof, something I slightly regretted doing so early in the day as this toy became a firm favourite of his and MANY woofs could be heard all the live long day!!

A mini Sticky Stick plush is included as well as 6 nature factoid and activity cards. The toy requires 2 x AA batteries (demo batteries included) and measures approximately 26cm in height. It is suitable for age 10 months and over. This toy is super cute, super soft and Golden Bear company, who make the Hey Duggee plush toys, use stuffing that’s made from recycled PET bottles which means that it is made from 100% recycled material! Another win for our planet! Duggee also has some tips for going green which can be found here.

Hey Duggee have a vast range of products available to purchase that are all made from the same quality and durability, make sure you have a look! You are able to download FREE Duggee content including activity sheets, games, crafts and loads more with the exclusive QR code. It’s time to put one foot in front of the other and go on an adventure with Duggee!

RRP and Buy Link: It retails for £32.99 and it can be purchased from

Rating: I rate this toy as 4/5. It would make a fantastic gift for any young child and for any occasion, big or small.

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