Glitzi Globes Ocean 3 Pack Review


Glitzi Globes
Ocean 3 Pack

Reviewed by Ella Richardson

The Glitzi Ocean Globes Ocean Pack arrived and instantly my daughters were excited by them as the packaging was very appealing for them, bold colours with the main colour being every girls favourite pink, though I don't think boys would be put off by using these as the characters weren't particularly girly, though definitely more a girls present. So before I had even sat down to start making them with my girl’s one of them had lost the instructions, 'Great!!' But after looking at all the bits it was easy to see how it all went together without the use of instructions (thank goodness)! It was all pretty simple and simple enough that my girls (5 & 7) could basically do it all themselves with instruction from me.

This is fabulous as usually things that are above 5 years old, there are fiddly bits with these kinds of making kits and it's usually me that ends up making them. They were really, really happy that it was all their own work putting them together and even insisted ringing my husband at work to show off about what they had done all by themselves.

The manufactures had even thought of a little holder for the water cup, which had a moat for any spillage and they could plug it up themselves, which made the think they had really thought this product through. There were three in a pack which meant I did one to show them how to do it and there was two left so they could do one each and a great range of colours meaning both boys and girls would enjoy them.

My only negative would be that there weren’t enough of the things to float in the water around the main character but this leaves chance for you to get inventive and add glitter or other bits yourself to personalise it. They had great little adapters that means that they can put them on their pencils at school this morning and had packed them away in their bags last night ready to show all their friends. They are a great size package to add as a stocking filler and for £7.99 it's a great price for something to keep them busy and for a keep sake to last.

Rating: 4/5

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