Gifts for Her Review

Reviewed by Dawn Watson

If you are anything like me, I like to take my time to choose a gift for a friend or my mum. I enjoy browsing the internet to see what new things are around, something a bit different or unusual, something that they are going to love, so I was delighted to have a wonderful array of products to review for you. They cover all budgets and are just that little bit special and different that I am sure whoever you purchase them for they will be delighted.

Now we all love our wines, don’t we girls? I know I do, but I am not very good at choosing. I tend to stick to the same make all the time so this was a rare treat for me.

The first wine I want to tell you about is brought in by a company called The Vino Beano! The Vino Beano are a wonderful company who love wine and want you to love their wines too… whether by joining a membership club (which offers special deals and offers) or simply browsing their extensive range and choosing a case of your new found favourite wines. They are not wines you will find in your local store, in fact they are chosen as they have not been discovered yet in the UK…  I love the way there is so much information about both the wine and the producer. On browsing their lists I found the wine that had been sent to me…  Ottaviano Lambruschi Vermentino Costa Marina 2015 at £17.50 per bottle, this is a perfect price for a gift for someone you know loves their wine…  I absolutely loved this wine, it was truly delicious and nothing like I had ever had before. I savoured every mouthful and was a wine I could easily purchase many more of… this would be a perfect partner with shellfish but equally I would enjoy this with a light chicken dish…

The company have certainly captured undiscovered artisan wines and are offering them at an affordable cost. I certainly will be making The Vino Beano a first port of call for any future wine gifts.

Going from my love of wine to my love of tea! Wow again a great idea for a gift for anyone that loves tea. Oteas are a company based in London who simply love tea and specialise in blending and sourcing only the best ingredients, spices, flowers and herbs from around the world to put into their teas. Their teas are available as loose-leaf tea or in cute bio-degradable tea pyramids. I was sent a selection of 24 in a gift box, perfect for trying lots of different types of tea. There was a huge range of flavours that I had never tried before; there were Herbal varieties, Black, Fruit teas, Green, Rooibos, with flavours such as Red Berry Dream, Moroccan Mint Tea, Lemongrass, Ginger and Cinnamon tea to name but a few.

I loved the Herbal – lemongrass, ginger and cinnamon – and as soon as you took the tea bag out of its little box you were hit with the scents of all the herbs. I am so used to seeing just tea leaves that this was new to me and I was amazed at the flavours permeating through… Delicious!

I notice on their website they also specialise in a full range of wellness teas specifically for promoting better sleep, detox etc. I love this idea. I am really enjoying working my way through this gorgeous range and so far there has not been one I have not liked. If I had this given to me for a birthday or other special occasion I would be delighted. It is a great idea for the tea jenny in your life!

All year round I love my lippies but when I’m running or at night I like to use a lip balm or similar. I was sent two Candy Crush lip balms – my daughters are huge fans of Candy Crush the game and the packaging is just like the visuals of the game. One was Lemonade Lake; the smell was just like a cool glass of lemonade, application was fine, but I felt it went on easier after rubbing it a bit on your lips to soften. It gave a nice sheen to my lips and my two daughters loved them. The taste was pleasant, not at all synthetic that you can find sometimes with balms. It didn’t feel greasy or slippy either and the moisturising effect lasted quite a long time which was good. Great value for money and an ideal additional wee gift for someone and great for girls too…

I love all things girly, bright and colourful and my next gift ideas are just simply stunning… stunning! Jessica Russell Flint is a British interior designer and illustrator who has a love for life, colour and beautiful things and it shows through her designs of stunning vivacious colourful accessories, from simply gorgeous make up bags to hankies to stunning cushion covers her design make you smile. There is stunning stationary and wallpaper too. Her designs have wonderful names such as ‘The Love Birds’, ‘The Magic Garden’ and ‘Soft Japan’ – these names capture her quirky colourful designs in stunning make up bags, headscarfs, etc.

I was extremely lucky to receive a beautiful make-up bag in the ‘Magic Garden’ design. These are all limited edition designs. The make-up bag, as well as having a vegan leather tassle it is waxed too making it wipe proof both inside and out, it’s so gorgeous I have actually used it on a night out to hold my lippie,  phone and money – too stunning to be indoors! My friends loved it and were cooing over it, much to my amusement. The size is just right (17x23x5cm) to hold your make up in but mine will be used for a lovely purse/bag. It came in the most gorgeous black tassled gift box wrapped in stunning paper, I’ve kept the box to keep my jewellery in in is so nice. This range is beautiful and not many people with have Jessica Russell Flints designs but I would highly recommend her products for a special birthday gift for someone who may have everything but won’t have one of Jessica’s designs! I am saving up for another one of her accessories, I am in love with her designs and look forward to seeing her next collection.

I also received a gorgeous silk eye mask – perfect for me who struggles in Summer when the lighter nights are in to get some sleep. It is so soft to touch and so easy to wear, again the design was beautiful and again came beautifully gift boxed.

I highly recommend you have a browse through Jessica’s website, you won’t be disappointed at the quality and designs if you’re looking for a special gift.

Lastly, one of my favourite things to have received was a beautiful Personalised Fingerprint Family Tree with our chosen names and words on it, from the website Babatude. I thought it came with the fingerprints already on it, little did I realise that we all do the fingerprints. The fingerprints result in the leaves of the tree! When it arrived, it came with a template to ‘practice’ doing the fingerprints on and instructions and also two shades of ink! Wow what a fantastic idea. It arrived just in time for Father’s Day so we all sat and took turns doing our fingerprints on our very own personalised ‘Watson Boyle Family Tree’. This is truly unique and a very special gift and one that will last a life time. It is also great that it’s interactive and you play a part in completing it with the kids and husband too. I think it is great value for money and something just that little bit different. Babatude is a great wee website specialising in personalised gifts for all occasions and with gifts that are just that little bit different… definitely one I will be looking at in future.

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