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WineHandbag1Wine Handbag

Reviewed by Lisa Lambert

The Getting Personal Wine handbags are so different and a really great idea for a special gift or special occasion. You could easily take this with you in a picnic and it wouldn’t look out of place. They provide a WOW factor to a gift for someone way above and beyond a bottle of wine in a bag.

The box came well packaged on delivery so no worry it will burst in transit, we chilled ours in the fridge before opening. Opening the wine is really simple and has similar mechanism as box wine would where there is hole and pump action like nozzle that you squeeze to release the wine.

The box is shaped like a handbag and is in 3 different colours to correspond with the wine (Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah Rose or Chardonnay Viognier), it has a rope type handle like a real handbag would and they have captured the concept of it being an actual handbag very well without it being to tacky or cheesy.


I received the Rose Handbag: ‘This Rose wine is made from Syrah grapes from the Languedoc region in southern France. After softly pressing the grapes only the first creamy juice is used for fermentation. A very short skin contact gives the wine a nice ruby colour. Vernissage Rose has a strawberry and raspberry nose and a palate of ripe red summer berries with a nice acidity. Enjoy chilled with fish, shellfish, salads, poultry or on its own as an aperitif.’

I like rose and sometimes wines can be a bit cider tasting and bitter to me but this was nice, it was smooth didn’t leave and aftertaste, and was a lovely drink. I only managed 2 glasses though with my food and chatting after our meal as it is 13% I was feeling a little tipsy and thought better of a third on a school night but could quite happily have had another glass had it been a weekend evening and no early start. It remained fresh though for the following few evening with my meals so I was very happy as some wines can go very flat and horrible after a night in the fridge but this was still just as nice as the first glass.

You get 1.5 litres in the box so 6-7 really good sized glasses depending how large a glass you like.

The cost of £29.99 is not cheap for a bottle of wine but this is not your average bottle of wine from the supermarket and I think the novelty factor of the handbag look would make a really nice gift for someone or would be great for a hen party, girls trip out without the obvious look of having a bottle of wine with you. It really does have a WOW factor look to it and is very different than a bottle of wine in a pretty gift bag.

Overall summary: Quirky idea, great gift idea or novelty for girl’s day out, wine was nice, no horrible after taste. I would recommend this product to my family and friends.

You can get the wine box in Rose, Red (Cabernet Sauvignon) and White (chardonnay).

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Getting Personal here.


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