Get 30% Off Joining/Re-Joining/Renewing As A WGTD Reviewer using discount code 63DA80BAAC Until 23.59 On 31/5/24

We currently have some vacancies in our WGTD Reviewer Community. Why not use discount code 63DA80BAAC to get 30% off joining/re-joining/renewing as a WGTD Reviewer?

| Discount code ends 23.59 on 31/5/24 | Only the first 20 people to use the discount code will get the discount | Limited reviewer spaces available | Ts and Cs apply |

You would be welcome to join our facebook group for WGTD Reviewers to see what goes on and decide whether to join.

To join/re-join/renew please visit:, select the membership level that works for you and pay the relevant annual admin fee is appropriate.

Here are 5 reasons to join…
Reason 1 – You would become part of our friendly reviewer community
Reason 2 – It can give people, especially families, treats that they perhaps couldn’t otherwise afford
Reason 3 – Our website had 3 million page views April 2023 – March 2024 and 38,000 unique website visits in April 2024
Reason 4 – Several of our reviewers have been with WGTD for 5 or more years
Reason 5 – The WGTD Reviewer community has grown mostly via word of mouth over the years

How it works?
With full reviewers (individual and joint reviewers) there is an annual admin fee to pay and then… whatever a reviewer reviews is gifted to them by a client for the purposes of the reviewer writing a 500+ word review. Experiences tend to be gifted to at least one guest too.

No admin fee is payable to become a guest reviewer, however please do bear in mind that full reviewers are given priority for review opportunities.

Annual admin fee
£0.00 Guest reviewer – full reviewers are given priority for review opportunities
£27.99 Individual reviewer (£39.99 without using the discount code)
£29.39 Joint reviewer (£41.99 without using the discount code) – share an allocation of reviews, but can go out dependently of each other on venue reviews

Why do we charge the admin fee?
We charge the admin fee because of the admin time we spend arranging reviews and the fact that we do not charge our clients a fee for writing reviews.  We do guarantee the admin fee paid in reviews, subject to reviewers being regularly active over the year.  That said, we do not guarantee a particular type of review will be available.

Want more info?
You can find more info here.

Not sure and want to check us out?
1. Read our reviewer testimonials here.
2. Click on the mentions link on our main facebook page for WGTD. You can see where we have done reviews for clients and they have mentioned us. Some of our theatre clients even mention What’s Good To Do on their printed marketing materials.
3. Read this month’s blog posts here. You may recognise some of the brands/companies we have worked with.
4. Read what our reviewer Rebecca had to say about being a WGTD Reviewer here.
5. Our company details – Toys and Clothes Limited t/a

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