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(Editor’s Note – This post was originally written in 2023. Post updated 28/1/24 to add this.)

I became a reviewer in 2015 and since have enjoyed getting lots of friends and family onboard to enjoy the same benefits that I do.  When I sit and look back at how many I’ve done it’s quite staggering how that small yearly investment has paid off.  For me, I’ve averaged out at 1 review per month.  Every reviewer is different of course and there are times when I’m less active; maybe when my personal life is busy or when I’m away.  But at times when I’m regularly checking the site I can often have a review on the go most of the time. 

The benefits are massive. Over the years I’ve reviewed so many items that have been real treats for myself and my family from toys for the kids, to beauty products and clothes for myself.  I regularly find also that when we are done with something it’s so nice to be able to pass them on to friends and family who could use them. The value of the items can vary and there is a really fair system in place to make sure that reviewers are picked alternately and that they get a fair share of the high-value products (classed as £100 and above). Some of my favourite products over the years have been the bug hotel, Modibodi period pants and my daughter’s roller skates.  There are products that have become staples in my life because of a review, that I still use today such as my phone tripod, my Lolita wine glass and Acala products.  I love testing ‘green’ beauty and household products as I believe this is a priority for many today and I’ve discovered a lot of brands I wouldn’t have previously known about.

If you like getting out and about the days out and venue reviews are a must.  In reality, just one review can pay you back your initial investment and more!  From restaurants, days out, theatre shows and experiences; there is a range of opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have got the chance to do.  I even got a night away in a city apartment with a bus top tour and ferry cruise thrown into the mix – that was a great experience.  There have been some lifelong memories made over the years with wonderful experiences; my favourites have been Farmageddon, a perfume-making experience and a flotation tank (bliss!).  The best bit though is that generally you get a plus one ticket (for family shows up to 3), so you get to treat your friends and family regularly.  It’s such a lovely feeling.  When I counted up, on average I have done around 7 venue reviews a year and that’s taking into account lockdown when they weren’t happening at all.  I know this is quite low as well as I’m restricted by family commitment’s but I know reviewers who tend to do a lot more.

By far the weirdest experience was a show I went to see at the Lowry in Salford, which involved a lady who liked to do handstands and then fall on eggs to smash them.  We were in the front row as well and absolutely gobsmacked at what we were seeing.  Since then, I make sure to read the show description more carefully before putting my name down for a review.

The team at WGTD are so friendly and go above and beyond to make sure that reviewers are looked after.  They have a lovely open community on Facebook, which is my main way of checking in on what’s being listed on the site. 

In terms of cost, for me this is a no-brainer, it’s an annual cost that I pay without question, as myself and my family get so much out of it.  This is especially true when the cost of living is so high, that many of the reviews offer things that are currently beyond the means of many.  If you want numbers I worked out my return on investment to be over 1300%.  Nothing else will get you that level of return for a cash investment so count me in!

Annual admin fee:
£0.00 Guest reviewer
£39.99 Individual
£41.99 Joint reviewer (share an allocation of reviews, but can go out independently of each other on venue reviews)

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