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Geospace Jump Rocket Deluxe Set Review

GeospaceJumpRocketDeluxeGeospace Jump Rocket Deluxe Set

Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

I have 2 young boys and when I found out that I was going to receive the Geospace Jump Rocket Deluxe Set from Great Gizmos to review I couldn’t wait to pick them up from nursery and school to tell them.

We received the rocket set on the Friday of a Bank Holiday weekend, I had to explain to the children that because the box claims that the rockets can be launched up to 300ft, then the garden would not be the best place to trial it! I had a feeling that the neighbours may end up with a variety of coloured and sized foam rockets strewn throughout their garden.

The box is bright and colourful and shows a little one looking ever so pleased with themselves as they launch the rocket high into the air. The goods are quite tightly packed into the box and this resulted in the connecting tube from pump to launcher being kinked in a couple of places.

We took the set to a local park with vast open areas and eagerly set it up. We tried to straighten the kinks as much as we could to encourage total airflow from the pump.

First up was my eldest, he jumped high in the air and onto the pump, the rocket however didn’t so much launch as leapfrog, it was hardly impressive but we laughed it off. Next was the little mans turn, barely got it off launcher. My partner and I did manage to get 2 quite good launches out of the rockets out of lots of attempts by all 4 of us. We tinkered and straightened the tube a little more, fidgeted and changed the way that we stepped onto the pump but nothing we did really changed the outcome of the launch. We only really got 2/3 quite high rockets and they were about 10ft. Not close to 300ft. We played together for about 30 minutes laughing at the less successful launches and whooping at the couple we got higher. We enjoyed family play time but I would not have been happy if I had paid £24.95 for it. It has an adjustable launcher so you have that bit more control as to where the rocket is going. There is also an inflatable target tube and the pump is packed in a way that it can become a carry case but you cannot transport all of the rockets in it. As to my very first concern about the neighbours having lots of rockets in their garden, you can actually order purely the rockets as replacements.


So I do not know whether the launcher will ever find itself out of the box again, which made me think that I am not so sure that it worth the money.

I am torn on this review as the product itself seems well made and we loved the adjustable launch angles, just so disappointed with the height that we achieved.

Overall I would give the Geospace Jump Rocket Launcher 3/5. I think it maybe still needs work.

 Rating: 3/5

RRP: £24.95

Available to buy from Great Gizmos here.

3 Star

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