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GB eye Aluminium Drinks Bottles Review

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

The bottles come in a strong cardboard protective and stylish box, clearly labelled and well- packaged. It is important to protect this type of aluminium drink bottle, as they are easily dented and so it was great to see them arrive so well packaged. There is also a clear plastic film around the bottle itself.

What is great about these bottles is that they include 2 straws! Usually, if the straw goes, then the bottle is no use and an expensive bottle can no longer be used. This is a great addition when buying these bottles – adds to the value.

The packaging also makes clear how to wash these bottles – they should be washed before use, of course, but should also be only HANDWASHED with warm water. NB – these are NOT dishwasher proof.

I was pleased to note that GB eye are a local Yorkshire company and I always like to buy local!  (although they are shipped nationwide).

I am always looking for ways in which to encourage my little ones to drink more water and so am always willing to buy new and innovative drinks bottles if it means they are encouraged! With the current craze for aluminium drinks bottles, it is nice to have some alternatives to the more expensive brands.

I chose the magical unicorn bottle for my daughter and the Harry Potter bottle for my son. The designs are cute and appealing. 

There is plastic around the top of the bottle and the lid and there are grips on the lid itself which make it easier to tighten the lid to avoid drips and then to refill the bottle later on. The spout itself is also a nice design and easy to suck from. It was a bit stiff for little hands upon initial use, but after a few times of opening it was easier to use. 

My little girl has loved drinking from this bottle and it has (so far) withstood the not-so-gentle treatment of a 6 year old!!!

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it can’t go in the dishwasher! I am always looking for things that are easy and save time and it does mean that I have to wash this through in warm soapy water each night, but it does mean I get to see how much water they have actually drunk!

You can always fill this the night before to save time and then leave it in the fridge. It does mean that the outside of the bottle is cool to touch at first, but the water inside is kept cold for much longer. My son plays football a lot and the bottles are kept on the side of the pitch. In the recent baking sunlight, this has meant that water in an ordinary plastic drinks bottle would be lukewarm at best. With these aluminium drinks bottles, the water is still cool.

The RRP of these bottles is £9.99, but with some designs currently on offer, these are great value “back to school” bottles, which seem durable for the playground and school bags that may be thrown around!

Lovely style bottles which keep drinks cool – a great back-to-school buy! But note, these are NOT to go in the dishwasher!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

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