Wilko Sentiments Stationery Range Review


Reviewed by Laura Ashworth

The new school year is on the horizon and now comes the time to start on that back to school shopping. While you may have a list of the mountain of school uniform that you have to buy, have you thought about the incidentals such as stationery? Wilko have a large range of back to school stationery at price that won’t break the bank and we were lucky enough to sample a few pieces from their range.

Sentiments Pen in a Box

This Sentiments Pen in a Box is very beautiful, it feels like I am holding a much more expensive pen and the ink quality is definitely something I would expect from a much pricier pen. It has a really good weight to it, not too heavy or too flimsy, which is great for me as someone who is hypermobile – long passages of writing can look like several people have contributed, but I was very happy to see that my writing was very close to being consistent. The pen itself is a dark blue with white dots, it reminds me very much of a clear nights sky with constellations and the detail work is gold coloured and although I personally am not a fan of gold coloured things I have to say it complements the pen very well. It is presented in a cute silvery-grey box which is very firm and a plastic sleeve which I will say would definitely be reusable. Priced at £2.50 it is worth every penny and would make a great gift for those returning to or starting their academic careers or simply a thoughtful and useful gift for anyone. I will be purchasing more of these pens. I would rate this 5/5.

Sentiments Pens 3 Pack

The Sentiments Pens 3 Pack are presented in a plastic box this cute trio is perfect for any high schooler’s pencil case. 2 of the 3 pens have a very school vibe to them which I think is fun! These pens are light weight and all 3 are black ink and write beautifully, my daughter really enjoyed these pens and thought they were cool designs. For the quality, the audience it is aimed at and the price at £1.50 I would rate these pens 5/5.

Sentiments Pencil Set 6 Pack

This stunning little pencil set is a must for anyone. Each comes with their own little personality in 6 different muted and dusky colours, yellow, dark blue, dark and light grey, white and pink with muted gold band at the top to hold the eraser. These colours remind me of Autumn, which makes me happy and more so because each pencil has a motivational quote on them in gold with different writing styles.

Not only are these very lovely to look at they are also really good quality for artwork. As a someone who tends to buy artist grade products for drawing, the quality rivalled some of my graded pencils, different pressures when drawing gave good results. The pencils do not drag on the paper and they feel very soft to hold. The only fault with these was despite using a good quality sharpener they sharpen diagonally leaving a piece of wood level to the top of one side of the pencil, this seems to happen a lot which I needed the help of a sharp tool to shave it off but otherwise these are good little pencils and it’s a minor issue for me. These pencils are a bargain at £1.00 and as stated previously they rival more expensive graded pencils for artwork which makes these a must try if you are on a budget. I would give this product 5/5.

Sentiments Jotter B5

A beautifully designed little jotter for adults and children alike this pad is beautifully decorated with muted and dusky coloured leaves and a dusky pink band at the top really sets this pad apart from others. This pad reminds me of an Autumnal celebration with 150 pages each with a delicate little border framing any notes or drawings. The paper is good quality and easy to tear off which is a bonus in my opinion as most will tear a good piece of the paper off too and this can be frustrating when you have worked on something for a while. This jotter is priced at £2.50 which is a very good price for the quality, quantity and style and would be lovely to keep on one side for any note taking or doodling. I would rate this 5/5.

Sentiments Pencil Case

This is the only product from the Sentiments range that I have tried and really didn’t like. Functionally, it is a pencil case that has a zip and can hold the same amount as any other standard pencil case. It is grey and made from felt material, the latter felt awful to touch in my opinion, not at all felty like the felt we touched as children, but a really dried woolly felt which irritated and caused a skin reaction. Priced at £2.00 I think it is overpriced and an opportunity to make its statement as being part the Sentiments rage was missed. I would give this product 2/5.

The Sentiments range of stationery is available to buy from Wilko in-store or online, for further information or to find your nearest store visit www.wilko.com.

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