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Galt Toys Horrible Science Bouncy Eyeballs Review

Reviewed by Amy Adeliyi

This was a fantastic activity and arrived ready for the first day of the summer holidays, which of course was a rainy day!

Although the packaging recommends 6+ we carried out the experiment as a family (with very close adult supervision) with my children aged from 2, 7, 8 and the eldest at 14 years old.

The box is small and brightly coloured with cartoon bouncy eyeballs covering the top, sides and front of the box. The back of the box shows images of the contents of the box.

I encouraged both of my younger boys to read the instructions and tell me what they needed to do to make the bouncy eyeballs. Both boys loved the gruesome facts on the first types of balls and how they were made which were included in the cartoon like instructions. The instructions were clear and my 7 year old could easily follow what he needed to do to put the mould together.

I would say the little funnel was quite fiddly as the grains took a while to fit through and we ended up just pouring them straight in the moulds from their packets as this seemed to make sure there was less spillage.

The boys also loved timing how long the moulds had to stay in the water and then how long they had to stand in the moulds before running them under the cold tap.

There was plenty of the black and glow in the dark crystals that we even managed to make an extra eyeball, so there were no arguments over bouncy eyeballs!

The trickiest part of the experiment was stopping my children from touching and bouncing the bouncy eyeballs before they had dried and become less tacky to touch.

The large eyeball looks fantastic, although the boys prefer the smaller eyeballs as they are really bouncy and best of all glow in the dark!

Overall this was a great activity, incorporating lots of ‘fun learning’ and future bouncy ball making as we now need to make different bouncy ball designs!!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99

Availalble to buy from Galt Toys here.

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