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Galt Toys Baby Walker Review

GaltBabyWalkerGalt Toys Baby Walker

Reviewed by Sarah Bowyer

My son has never been a crawler. He went straight to trying to walk so when I was chosen to review the Galt Toys Baby Walker I was super excited.

When the box was delivered I was a bit worried as it was quite heavy. I wondered if the walker was going to be a great big, cumbersome thing that would take up loads of space in my already toy filled house.

Once I got the walker out of the box I could see that I was wrong, and actually it is just the right size.

I had to build the walker, and I use that term very loosely. All I had to do was attach the handle to the base of the walker which was extremely simple. There are 6 screws. 2 to attach the cross bar to the handle and then 4 to attach the handles to the base unit. All you need is a cross head screwdriver. The instructions on how to do this are on the back of the box, but it really is simple. I managed to do it while my son was scrambling all over me desperate to try and eat my screwdriver.

The walker is made from quality hardwood which I personally love about children’s toys. I think it makes them more robust and gives than a traditional feel. The base of the walker is bright red and the handles are blue. The wheels are a wooden colour and have rubber treads which helps prevent the walker from sliding sideways. I tried this out on my laminate flooring and it doesn’t slip.

The walker comes with 30 coloured wooden blocks in it. So it’s almost like two toys in one. The blocks are great for stacking and knocking down, teaching colours and shapes and if my son is anything to go by, then they are good to try and eat.

The walker comes with a play guide which is written by Dr Miriam Stoppard who according to the box is “the UK’s most trusted parenting expert”.

The play guide helps with ways to use the walker by explaining that while your child is playing with the walker you should explain to your child what is happening and “whoop with joy at each and every small achievement”. It also explains how to get your child comfortable with using the walker and how you can encourage them to keep going by being positive every time your child takes a step.

The walker is a great toy to help teach your child many things. It helps with their balance and coordination and hand/eye coordination.

As I have said previously, my son never wanted to crawl. All he wanted to do was be up on his feet. Once he worked out that he could walk it became something he wanted to do all the time, but the only way he would do this was if someone was holding both his hands. He had absolutely no confidence to try it one handed and there was no chance he was going to do it by himself.

The first time I put the walker in front of my son, he grabbed hold of the handle bars and he was off all by himself. Needless to say there were tears of joy seeing my little baby walking by himself and much excitement knowing that the back breaking task of constantly holding his hands to walk was over!

I am so happy with this walker. It really does have a good quality look and feel to it and I can imagine that this will be something that stands the test of time. It is sturdy and is easy to clean. There aren’t any small places where muck and dust can gather. It is a simple design which I think is great. There is nothing to distract my son from what this toy is designed to do, aid with walking.

Handle height: 440mm. Truck size: 375 x 240mm | Suitable age: 12 to 18 months onwards

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from Galt Toys here.


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