BT 7500 Lightshow Baby Video Monitor Review


Reviewed by Gemma Berkul

Wow!!! Where do I start when writing a review about the BT 7500 Lightshow Baby Video Monitor! Well what more can a parent want from a baby monitor. This product has EVERYTHING I could have asked for. I already have a 4 year old and when she was born I had the most basic baby monitor model, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive this baby monitor for my new born baby. Haven’t baby monitors evolved over the years! Having a child already, I knew how important it was to choose a baby monitor which makes you feel at ease and less stressful. With my first born I was constantly running up and down the stairs every time my daughter made a noise as I didn’t have a video monitor. However, this cleverly designed video baby monitor has made my life less stressful which is what every parent to a new born needs.

When I received this product I opened it up to find a neatly wrapped and packaged baby monitor. I was extremely excited to receive this and couldn’t wait to unwrap everything and have a play with it before putting it into action. It really is easy and straightforward to set up and I didn’t need the user guide which comes in the box.  It only took a few minutes to set up.

This video baby unit comes as a two piece set up. The first thing I did was put the baby unit and the parent unit dock on charge and turned it on. What is really fantastic is the first time you switch on the parent unit, a set-up wizard asks you to set the time and then shows you all your baby monitor’s features. If you want to you can skip through the set up wizard by tapping the screen or tapping exit, when shown. When you exit the set-up wizard, the Parent unit will show you the live view from the baby unit and then you’re all set up! If you want to watch the set-up wizard again you can do by tapping the menu and then BT Help, then introduction. Although the layout and set up is extremely straightforward and easy to follow and I am sure you would only need to watch it once.

This baby monitor is so easy to use and the menu is very straightforward. This product has so much to offer parents, boasting all the features and functions you could ask for, both essential and extra. The menu (which is touch screen) includes a battery level, time, the temperature of the babies room as well as alerts which keeps you informed of any changes of the temperature. It also has a quick access menu for the night light, lullabies and light show, all of which are amazing functions of the baby monitor. There is an option to set reminders for feeding time and a sound level indicator. The settings button allows you to set tones, backlight and time. You can tap the screen and press ‘Home’ at any point to return to the live video from the baby unit.

What I really like about this baby monitor is the camera facility. I thought I may have been obsessed with the camera and that I would constantly be looking at it but it actually had the opposite effect. With my first born I was in her room all the time checking up on her as I didn’t have a video. This time I have been able to sit back and relax and know that this video baby monitor is doing its job. I only had to have the odd glance at the camera and only because I was in awe of the baby, rather than looking at him because I wanted to check on him.

It’s great that you can connect up to four cameras, naming them if desired too. If you have other babies, toddles and children you can keep an eye on them all. There is also a two way talk back function which allowed me to talk to my eldest daughter, when I tried it out in her room, which she responded to. I think I will be buying another camera too for her room. The camera is amazing and I love the way you can control it from the parent unit. It allows for almost 360 degree rotation both horizontally and vertically. The camera is quiet too which is obviously is important when wanting not to wake the baby.


I was thoroughly impressed with the lightshow. The term ‘Lightshow’ is a twinkly projected lightshow featuring stars and moons on the ceiling. This is a very soothing and calming feature and definitely helps my baby to sleep. There are also 19 built in lullabies including classical music and traditional nursery rhymes. In addition it has a white noise generator which has specially tested sounds that help babies to sleep. I think it’s fabulous that it has ocean waves, womb sounds and a hair dryer! My baby seemed to be settled when the lullabies were being played and when he was fast asleep I was able to turn them off from the parent unit- which saved me going upstairs and going in his room and possibly disturbing him.

I left the night light on the baby unit which you can control from the parent unit. You can decide how bright you would like it too out of three brightness levels. I found it was just the right brightness too.

What proved to be useful was the cry alarm. This would warn me that my baby was crying and vibrated the device and sound an alarm when the volume was set to mute. This was a feature which comforted me greatly.

I would give this product a definite 5/5 and I can’t recommend it enough. Although it is at a higher price end it is worth every penny. To have the opportunity to see your child on camera in good quality both (day and night) is priceless. The night vision allowed me to monitor the baby in the dark due to the infrared LED’S (which are also invisible to the baby so they don’t disturb or distract them). As well as having the options to try and help sooth your baby without having to go upstairs first. What a fabulous idea- to be able to control the baby unit from the room you are in without going in the baby’s room. All the options of lullabies, the lightshow and the camera which tilts and zooms are all key features. Thank you BT for creating such a wonderful and cleverly designed video baby unit. If you can’t afford one of these baby monitors and your friends and family ask if you need anything for when the baby is born, you can always ask them for vouchers and then purchase one. You definitely won’t regret spending that amount of money on something that will make yours and your baby’s life less stressful.

What are you waiting for… go and buy one today!

Rating: 5/5

The key features include:

  • Large 3.5” touchscreen
  • 480×320 resolution (double our previous video monitor)
  • Remote pan & tilt (Control camera angle from parent unit)
  • Projected lightshow
  • Talk back
  • 19 lullabies (including traditional lullabies, classical, nature sounds, white noise and womb sounds) Temperature display
  • 3x zoom
  • Micro USB charging
  • Charging dock
  • Connect up to 4 cameras
  • Up to 300m range outdoors, 50m indoors
  • Adjustable nightlight
  • Audio only mode
  • Auto screen brightness adjustment

RRP: £149.98

Available to buy from BT here.


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