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Reviewed by Kat Harrison

At the weekend, Mr H and I had a fun Foodie Date Night from the comfort of our own home, courtesy of Moonpig. The AmazingCo vouchers are now available to buy from the popular card-posting site and make for a quirky, add-on gift.

First, to clear up some possible confusion, the Foodie Date Night voucher, doesn’t get you any food. The voucher instead gives you access to a series of food-related challenges and activities for you and your other half to complete together.

£20 may initially sound expensive for what is essentially an email of ideas but the 10 activities it’s compiled of took us around two hours to complete and evoked a lot of laughter, reminiscing and more than a little friendly competition.

First, you must set the date of the ‘date’ in order to receive an email revealing exactly what it is you’ll need. Most of the challenges can be done with food items around the house; the exception is the main eating event. Ours was a pizza-making challenge so stocking up on bases, tomato, cheese and an array of toppings was required. Our ‘heads-up’ email also informed us we’d require amongst other things a blindfold, two cookies and pen and paper. The writing equipment was to keep score. Cue the competitiveness.

To activate the voucher, you head to the website and key in the passcode. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t set-up correctly and after 15 minutes of checking it wasn’t down to user error (one of those over-complicated lower case, upper case passwords), I contacted Customer Services. On a positive, the issue was resolved within 24 hours (even when the online chat put me through to the company’s US of A office)!

The voucher clearly states that it’s for the ‘Foodie Date Night’ but when you log in, you are taken to a page showing all the different vouchers and I had to navigate to this particular one, which involved quite a lot of scrolling and clicking. I’m not sure what would have happened if I’d tried to click through on a different voucher….

The 10 challenges were varied and fun and started by asking us to create our own foodie themed playlist. Strawberry Fields Forever, Cake by the Ocean and American Pie; as music fans, we both enjoyed brainstorming an eclectic mix of tunes that would help set the scene for the rest of the date.

The main challenge was to create a pizza for each other, being as creative as we liked with toppings and presentation; the aim being to score maximum points at tasting time.

We also had a Blindfolded Tasting where we were instructed to raid the kitchen cupboards and each select 5 bite-sized samples of food for the other to guess on taste alone. My husband wasn’t overly appreciative of the spoonful of mustard I gave him, especially when he’d bought me a Baileys’ Cheesecake just for the occasion!

Without revealing too much more and spoiling all the fun, the date also included construction, cookie and craft challenges, as well as quizzes, facts and games that opened up conversation and determined just how well my husband and I really know each other. There’s points for each of the challenges so if you’ve got a competitive streak, prepare for it to surface.

The Foodie Date Night voucher gives you access to a fab collection of activities (perhaps one that you could well compile yourself if you had the time and inclination – but that wouldn’t work if you were set to take part, you big cheat!) And for £20, it’s all done for you, cleverly packaged in an email; a nice and easy token gift or a treat for you and your other half. We really enjoyed our evening and for times when babysitters aren’t available or you just fancy doing something together, I can guarantee, this will have you laughing. And for those who’ve been together a while, reconnecting in your own kitchen! Would definitely recommend as an add-on birthday or anniversary gift.

Rating: 4 out of 5

RRP: £20

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