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Flip Frog Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

Flip Frog is a children’s game from Ideal all about feeding a frog without making him flip. It’s suitable for 4+ years and is for 2 or more players. The game arrived in a fun, colourful box which caught my son’s attention! Inside the box is the frog, a bag of small pretend flies, a spinner and the instruction sheet. Best of all no batteries are needed for this one. The aim of the game is simple: take a go on the spinner and feed the frog that many flies. If he flips you are out of the game.

We are a family of board game lovers. We often have a family board game night where each of the four of us picks a board game to play. We get some snacks together and have a scoreboard going with a small prize for the winner at the end. We play a variety of different board games and card games. We are always excited to get a new game to play. We often add to our vast collection enjoying the newest releases from well known brands as well as more unusual ones from smaller, indie companies.

We have played quite a few board games similar to Flip Frog in which the aim is to build, stack or fill something with an item trying not to be the one who is first out of the game. But we’ve not played one with a frog to feed before so my youngest son was very excited to play Flip Frog. He loves these types of games. It’s a simple but really fun premise for a game that is ideal for young children as it is easy to understand, quick to set up and the gameplay is fast too which is ideal for young children who may find it hard to keep their concentration on a game for too long. Also children need to count how many flies they are feeding the frog and carefully place them in practicing their counting and fine motor skills. The little flies are very small though so supervision is definitely needed for younger children.

Overall we love the concept of this game, it’s fun and the frog flipping definitely got some laughs from my little boy. However we really struggled setting the frog up each time we played. It seemed hard to set, my children weren’t able to do it themselves, and the frog seemed to either be too sensitive flipping at the smallest touch or got stuck and didn’t flip at all even after placing all the flies on his tongue. This got rather frustrating for my son and he lost interest in playing. We expected better quality for the rather steep price of £18.99 especially as there are hardly any pieces that make up the game, it does seem overpriced for what it is.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £18.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths Toys here.

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