Fitz Sparkling Pink Wine Review

Reviewed by Cath Joyce

Prosecco is a great cheap alternative to champagne and has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially with women, but it isn’t the only option when it comes to sparkling wine. Fitz sparkling pink wine is a great English success story and is taking on the best that Europe has to offer.

I always try and buy British whenever I can but until now had never considered English wine. Previously my only experience of English wine has been my husband’s homemade attempts which he has had varied success with – however I don’t think Fitz need to worry just yet about the competition! I do think it is very important to support British brands so was quite excited to try the Fitz Sparkling pink wine as this wine is produced from grapes grown by hard working English farmers. Growing up on a farm I appreciate more than most the challenges facing farmers in England, the weather can be quite problematic, and a late frost can wreak havoc with the harvest.

Back in 2016 the people behind Fitz decided to start making wine and after plenty of research decided that there was a gap in the market for English sparkling wine so that became their starting point. Experimenting with different grape varieties they came up with a wine with a fresh fruity driven approachable and easy drinking style, which many people tend to enjoy. The Fitz sparkling pink wine is made with a combination of six different grapes including Chardonnay and Seyval blanc. 

The Fitz sparkling wine is in an attractive bottle, and like all sparkling wine the bottle is quite heavy, the shape of the bottle is quite attractive and is a distinctive squat shape. The delicate pink label uses crown motifs to give an air of sophistication and subtly indicates that this is a rose wine. The traditional cork was easily removed with little effort and gave a satisfying “pop” on opening.   I poured the wine into champagne flutes and you could instantly see a multitude of bubbles jumping and fizzing up to the brim. The wine is very fruity with hints of red summer fruits, the label mentions redcurrant and raspberry flavours and I could detect both these fruits when drinking the wine. I also asked my husband, who generally drinks beer, to try and name the flavours and he came up with raspberry too.

When I am out with friends I generally choose a glass of Chardonnay wine so I really enjoyed the rose sparking variety. It was crisp and fresh with a slight dry taste but very pleasant on a wet, miserable Wednesday in March. It was a decadent midweek treat but would also be perfect as a Mother’s day gift. 

Fitz sparkling pink wine costs £22 and is a great budget alternative to pink champagne, I am sure any Mum would be thrilled to receive a bottle of this on Mother’s day. If you are lucky she might even share it with you!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £22.00

Available to buy from Fitz Wine here.

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