Fishers Adventure Farm Park Review

West Sussex

Reviewed by Kelly Dewey

Fishers Adventure Farm Park is just over an hour away from us but well and truly worth the visit, we’d do it every weekend if we could.

As you arrive there is a massive inflatable slide which especially after a long journey, prompted loud squeals from the children in the back as soon as we pulled in. There were toilets before you got to reception which were very welcome after the journey. The two members of staff at reception were smiley and welcoming and shared just as much excitement as our bouncing children. They gave us good information about what was happening well and advised us to take a picture of the information board which I thought was better than handing out paper copies. There were printed maps if needed but we were also advised there are several information boards around the park.

The timings of the activities were perfect, some were hourly and some were on 3 times daily so you were sure to catch one of them. We chose the animal encounter session first; the staff were so good and chatted to the audience really casually whilst giving us lots of information and stories about the animals. The children really warmed to them. The huge bunny Hamlet stole the show when he jumped into the chicks basket and then chewed through the presenters microphone wire. The audience really chuckled. The presenters said he was new to the farm and excited, but they handled it really well. We were also introduced to a 2-week-old chick, a tortoise a guinea pig and a chinchilla, all of which the children and adults were able to handle and interact with.  

Across the rest of the farm were jumping pillows, sand pits, climbing walls, crazy gold courses, doughnut rides, tractor rides, pony rides, a wooden castle to explore, fairground rides and the new Sky Fall where you can choose to jump from either a 4m or 6m drop onto a landing cushion. Wow there is so much to do for all ages. For us, a family of 3 children who range from 4 up to 11 this really is the perfect place to be. Everyone is entertained and has something to do and the park is large, but the centre part seems a comfortable distance and area to let my 9 year old and 11 year old go across to something on their own whilst we were doing something with our 4 year old. We really cannot fault Fishers Adventure Farm Park at all.

The facilities were clean and well kept, plenty of places to purchase food and refreshments as well as picnic areas that were well placed that you could always find somewhere quiet to sit and eat even on a busy summer’s day.

At the end of the day we all cooled off in the splash park, which again is suitable for all ages. Here you can find comfortable deckchairs to relax in whilst the children had fun, changing huts and a well-equipped shack for supplies if needed including towels and water shooters. Summer music is played through a speaker and it’s just such a lovely place to chill.

It’s so difficult to choose just one thing that was our favourite but high on the list was the tractor ride, which is considerably longer than the average farm tractor ride, it takes you across the fields at the back and past all the animals you wouldn’t normally see on foot. The driver, Andrew, was hilarious, his commentary made everyone on the back laugh out loud with his jokes and stories. These are again timed, and we did wait sometime for the tractor to come back from the first run but once we were on it we understood and it was all made worthwhile.

I want to go back now and go again and again and again. What a super day out and is must for any family of all ages.  

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £10.25 to £16.75 per person (save £1pp by booking online in advance).

For more information or to book tickets online visit

Fishers Farm Park, Newpound Lane, Wisborough Green, West Sussex, RH14 0EG

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