Fiole Perfume Finder Experience Review


Reviewed by Laura S

I was jumping for joy when I was asked to review the Fiole Perfume Finder Experience. I love perfume and wear it everyday. I get through a lot of perfume in a year.

Fiole is like no other perfume store. Fiole is innovative and exciting with a unique approach to finding the fragrances that you will like. Whilst I love perfume, I do not enjoy visiting the perfume counters to try the different ones due to so much choice, the many staff and finding the whole process overwhelming.

Fiole say “The Finder, designed to listen to your choices, does the hard-work for you, just like we would do in person. So you can relax and focus on what’s important – finding a fragrance that makes you feel amazing.”
I thought this sounds perfect and a new way to buy perfume.

First of all all, you answer a series of questions picking A or B. Such as: freshly squeezed citrus or warm & earthy. I answered seven of these questions. At the end, you can choose to see your recommendations based on your choices or wait for the surprise of the six 2ml sample bottles arriving.

I waited for the surprise of the sample bottles arriving.
I found the selection process easy, pleasurable and not overwhelming.

In the box it contained:
6 sample perfumes based on my answers
6 card strips to spray on to
An envelope containing the names of the six samples I received.

Sampling the perfumes was so much fun. The way it works is that you spray sample 1 & 2 each onto a separate piece of the card and then pick your favourite. This is then repeated for the remaining 4 samples. At the end you will be left with 3 favourite samples.

I had four samples that I loved the smell of and two that I didn’t like when sprayed on the cards or my skin. Over the next four days, I wore each of my top four samples and then ranked them from 1-4. Whilst wearing my top four perfumes, I received several compliments and had people asking what I wearing. Unfortunately at this point I didn’t know the names but got to explain the concept of Fiole.

Once I had my overall ranking, I opened the envelope to find out the names of each of the perfumes. This was so exciting.  My number one perfume out of the six, smelt almost identical to my favourite perfume that I currently wear and even had a very similar name. I did find this amusing. It was pleasing that the selection process does actually work in identifying fragrances that you will like

I loved the Fiole Perfume Finder Experience and think it is such a lovely gift to receive or a treat for yourself. The process of answering the questions to select my six fragrances was fun and super easy to complete. Once the samples arrived, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow.
What I loved most about this is that you get to try other perfumes that you might not have necessarily considered trying before. The samples mean you truly know if you like the perfume before spending a lot on money on a bottle.

The perfumes are produced by independent perfumers. Not big international companies.

The Fiole Perfume Experience costs £25. It can also be purchased as a gift in either a e-gift experience or a an gift card. I used the e-gift experience and the experience seamless.  I think £25 is excellent value for the experience. It is fun, interesting and perfect for a perfume lover.  You can select for the perfumes to be for: males, females or a mix of both.

Overall I score Fiole Perfume Finder Experience 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25.00

This product can be purchased from the Fiole website here.

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