Find Me A Gift Personalised Beard Grooming Kit Review


Reviewed by Louise Watts

With Father’s Day fast approaching, I can hear all the Mum’s and kids sighing “What shall I buy?”

Like many other parents and daughters, I am bored with spending lots of money on gifts for Father’s Day to show my appreciation for the men in my life only for the gifts to be left in a pile and never used or touched again!

This year I was given the opportunity to review a personalised beard grooming kit from With a husband who prides himself on being neat and tidy and a son with a beard that is in desperate need of some tender loving care, I thought this was a great opportunity to give them both something functional instead of a gimmick.

The kit retails at £24.99 and contains a personalised toiletries bag, 300ml bottle of beard shampoo, 300ml bottle of beard conditioner and moisturiser and 30mls of beard oil.

When the set first arrived, I was impressed with the packaging. It came in a plastic wrapper but inside was bubble wrapped and well-padded ensuring that delivery is safe and the gift arrives in perfect condition. On opening the kit, the first think that struck me was the size of the toiletries bag. I had been expecting a small bag big enough for a toothbrush, toothpaste and not a lot more. This bag however, was built for the modern man and was ample in size to accommodate all the traditional male toiletries as well as the extra pampering items used by today’s modern man. The quality of the bag was also clear and the material was beautiful. On the front is a textured emblem resembling a bearded face and the personalisation is embedded in that (up to 22 characters). The zip also exuded a high-quality feel and I knew that this was a toiletries bag that could be used for a long time.

Inside the bag were the three grooming items. My first thought was that they looked lovely. The packaging was very appropriate and looked like it was for a gift, not just an off the shelf purchase. The emblem of the bearded face was on all the grooming products which made them all look very masculine. The shampoo and conditioner / face moisturiser were in a pump action bottle and the beard oil comes packaged in a smart box and also has a pump action dispenser to stop you using an excessive amount.

The real test now was putting them into action. There was no doubt to me that the set looked great but did it actually deliver in the grooming department?

My son has a very rough looking coarse beard so he was the first to put the beard shampoo to the test. The shampoo smelt lovely, very masculine but not too overpowering. He reports that it lathers beautifully and leaves a lovely lasting clean smell once rinsed out. There was no disputing that his beard was considerably softer after using the shampoo and this was clearly visible. He followed his beauty regime up with some beard oil to soften the hair and also the skin beneath it. The fragrance of the oil is a sweeter smell, still masculine but less so. It left his skin and beard feeling baby soft. Needless to say, he has requested to keep these products for his use and will no doubt request more once they have run out!

Next up was my husband who lets his stubble grow over the weekend but likes to be clean shaven during the week for work. He chose to try the beard conditioner and face moisturiser. You may think this a bit odd as he does not actually have a beard but the packaging states that is appropriate for any stage of hair growth from stubble through to full on manly beards! He happily used this all weekend keeping his stubble soft and less stubbly looking. Like many conditioners this is creamy in texture and has a more cosmetic fragrance but still with a masculine edge to it. He liked it so much that he has said he wants to continue to use it after shaving as it left his face feeling so soft and nice.  I have a confession to make in that I could not find my moisturiser the other day and so used some of this on my feet. I have to say it left my usually very dry foot feeling and looking like a different foot altogether! This said, I think if I used it every day sadly he would notice!

With two happy beautifully groomed men in my house, I have to say that although you may think that the grooming kit is a little pricey at £24.99, I think it is worth every penny. By buying this for Father’s Day, you are purchasing a functional present which will leave your husband / father feeling tidy and baby soft as well as leaving him with a beautiful personalised toiletries bag for him to use for many years to come. A present well worth the money in my eyes.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from Find Me A Gift here.

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