Filthy Rich and Catflap Review


Filthy, Rich and Catflap
25th Anniversary Edition

Reviewed by Shaun Howells

Starring: Nigel Planer, Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson
Directed by: Paul Jackson
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 206 minutes (approx.)
Format: DVD

Filthy, Rich and Catflap certainly doesn't hit the mark in the same manner The Young Ones, or Bottom had I'm afraid and whilst an entertaining and interesting comedy, this is still something of a disappointment. There are still a lot of laughs to be found, and the accurate destruction of the Light Entertainment industry is utterly breathtaking, probably even more so when viewed today, begging the question – “How the hell did they let them get away with that?“  

This BBC Comedy Sitcom takes its title from the surnames of the main characters, Filthy, Rich and Catflap chronicles the limited existence of life on the bottom rung of the showbiz ladder. Richie Rich is a washed-up has-been who still thinks that he is a star – to the point that he employs a violent, drunken minder, Eddie Catflap to look after him from the heaving crowds he deludes himself will harass him. Most of the action takes place in their squalid flat, where the pair are at each other’s throats whilst Richie waits around for his agent, Ralph Filthy to call with news of work – either by phone or coming around personally to scrounge fags and plunder his clients’ alcohol.

Think of this as an unnecessary link between Bottom and the Young Ones, or better still, why not think of it as a blip in the illustrious career of two of Britain's genius comedy actors and writers. As mentioned, there are laughs to be found, patches of brilliance and it certainly has the shock value, but where the aforementioned shows stand the test of time, this I’m afraid, does not. And for that reason the formula is tired and dated, even for its 25 year age.

The shows fans are still waiting for the "autumn return" or "new Series"… It’s 25 years later, and it is pretty safe to assume that there isn’t going to be another one… and for good reason.

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