Fabulosa Personal Care Kit Review


Reviewed by Gemma

Having extremely sensitive skin I am always very careful what products I use and must think carefully before I introduce new products into my personal hygiene routine. However, when I saw Fabulosa now offer a Personal Care Range, I just had to try it, given I absolutely love the scents and quality of their cleaning products. The range that the company sent to me did not disappoint. The products were quick to arrive and packaged beautifully with a little personal note from the company to add that personal touch. My favourite scent is Electrify, and the company sent me a lovely body lotion with the smell! Jasmine is one of my very favourite scents and the smell really shines through when you use this product. It smooths on like a dream and left my skin feeling smooth and not at all irritated. I was initially concerned about how they would have made the products to smell the same as the cleaning products, however as someone prone to skin complaints, the product feels very sensitive on my skin.

The next product in the gift box was the blueberry sugar exfoliating body wash. I wasn’t keen on the scent of this product as I felt it smelt a little like the impulse sprays I used to use when I was a teenage girl trying to hide the smell of smoke from my teachers after a break time! However, I gave this to my partner who felt that it had an almost masculine smell to it, and he can confirm to me that the exfoliating feel was not at all rough, like you find with some products. He also felt lovely and clean and said that he could still ‘smell himself’ after a few hours in work.
I also happened to get another bottle of body lotion in the scent of Pixie Dust- well I must say I think I have found my new favourite! The smell is absolutely divine. Having done further research I found that the scent was actually made up of Shea Butter and Almond Oil, which both made my skin feel lovely and silky, and I will definitely continue to use this after my showers every morning as it mixed so well with my perfume! My grandmother actually said the smell reminded her a little of Thierry Muglers Alien perfume, and she could still smell it on me by mid-morning on our normal shopping trip.

I would definitely recommend these products and do suggest that if people like them that they take a look at the company’s cleaning products, which are a fraction of the price of some other strong scented products but for the same results! I feel that all the company’s products are reasonably priced and love the ethic of the company, which started out like any other small business, which I love to see thrive! The products are also vegan friendly and therefore are kind to both animals and the environment, which definitely makes me feel better about a little self-indulgence!



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