Evoko Groupie Wide Angle Illumination Lens Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

My teenage daughter is just as into technology as her father, and so when she found out she was being sent an Evoko Groupie wide angle illumination lens to review, she was so excited. The device arrived well packaged and in good time and was not in the packaging for long, because my daughter could not wait to try it out.   

First of all, she tried it on her iPhone. We were amazed how much of a difference it made with regards what you could fit into a picture. The picture looked brighter and sharper too, than without using it. Then, she tried it on her iPad. It worked great both on this device and on my laptop. It attaches literally in seconds.

It’s useful not just for leisure time, but also in a work capacity. It would be great for conference calls where there is a room full of people. 

Another advantage to it, is its small size, making it not too bulky to take around on your adventures. It’s also kept in perfect condition due to the container that comes with it. It is also always in good, clean condition, because of the cleaning surface on the back of the case. There is nothing worse than unclean devices.

Technical information:

The micro suction material makes it possible this to stay attached to a device for 4 hours. There is no need to pay out for expensive cleaning materials. Cleaning is as simple as a damp cloth.

The wide-angle lens is ultra-wide and has a 151-degree angle of vision.

Charging is easy, via USB. If you charge the device for 3.5 hours, it gives you between 3.6 and 13.5 hours of use off lighting. The time does vary depending on which mode is being used at the time.

Plenty of online support is available for this product. 

Size and weight – 122mm wide x 25.5mm height x 16.5mm depth

The device is so light, weighing just 35g.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: 79€ (approx. £68)

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