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Reviewed by Sandip

We are a family that has 2 eczema children, both primary school age. My daughter tends to have eczema flare ups over the summer when she gets prickly heat rash which then triggers her eczema, whereas my son tends to get his flare ups over winter when the radiators and the cold weather affect him. However, since the pandemic they have both had red, dry, sore itchy hands from all the constant hand washing. My son’s have been worst out of the pair of them and they have occasionally cracked and bled. Ouchy! We were gifted the Epaderm cream and the new Epaderm junior version to try out and we were more than happy to given them a go.

Both creams are emollients and given that we have eczema children we have had our fair share of emollient creams in the past. Since we received them, we have been using the Epaderm cream at night times to slather the kids’ hands so that it can all soak in and sooth the itch. It’s worked really well and has definitely softened the harder patches too. We have been using the Epaderm Junior cream version during the day when their hands are itchy but we have also been using it as a soap substitute hand wash as it’s not as harsh as usual hand wash, but just as effective at cleaning their hands. Pretty perfect really.

The creams are both described as colour free, fragrance-free and soap (SLS) free emollients which is correct but I don’t find them totally fragrance free; they have that typical, almost PVA glue type smell that most emollients have. Whilst this may put some people off, it didn’t really both me or my kids. I even used it on their face and bodies after showering and they didn’t mention the smell at all.

I suffer from adult acne and use Doctor prescribed medication which can leave my skin dry and flaky. As the Epaderm cream is non-greasy and absorbs well, I have been using a very thin light layer of it at bedtime and it has really helped to calm and soothe my face.

The website also says that you can use the Epaderm cream as a skin cleanser. I have to admit I haven’t used it for this purpose but it’s good to know that if we were travelling, one pot of Epaderm cream could be used as a facial skin cleanser, hand wash, moisturiser and body cream. The Epaderm cream bottles come in 50g, 150g and 500g recyclable packs and the Epaderm Junior cream comes in a 50g and 150g bottles so you have a choice of big tubs for home, medium bottles for family use on holidays or a small tub which is perfect for handbags or event better, school bags. In fact, my daughter has a 2 days school residential trip later this month so the 50g bottle would be ideal to pop into her case.

I also think this would be a great addition to add to swimming bags too when we are allowed to use the showers at the gym and swimming baths again.

Epaderm is a well known emollient that has been used for a number of years and is recommended by dermatologists and I can totally understand why. It’s great at soothing eczema skin, but actually has many uses beyond this too. And now that there is a version specifically designed for children, we really are spoilt for choice for now. The addition of the cute purple hippo on the junior version is also a nice touch as the bottles of emollient we have used in the past have always had a boring, clinical look to them so it’s a nice to see a more child appealing label on the bottle.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 for a 150ml bottle

This product can be purchased from Boots here or Superdrug here.

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