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Elf for Christmas Magical Elf Door Review

Reviewed by David Savage

I really don’t understand all this Elf on the Shelf business that I see happening every Christmas time, but the kids love it and have their own elves with sleighs, beds and other related paraphernalia. This year we received the Magical Elf Door to go along with the rest of their Elf stuff that will soon be out again to delight the children and get them into the Christmas spirit.

The Magical Elf Door is 22cm high and is the perfect way for an Elf and his friends to come and go between the North Pole delivering messages to Santa and letting him know if the children have been naughty or nice (Big Brother surveillance for Santa?)

Made from a high-quality resin it has a red door which lights up (AAA battery required, which is supplied) and has signs for “The Elf Workshop North Pole”, “Elves at Work” and “Department for Elves”. It even comes with a pack of stickers so that you can replace these signs for different ones (you can change The Elf Workshop North Pole for The Enchanted Forest North Pole for example). Also supplied is a Welcome Guide from Mr Claus encouraging you to welcome an elf into your home.

Overall, while this is not a toy, it is a good idea for children (and adults) to welcome an elf into their home each year so they recognise how the elf goes back and forth to Santa. It encourages creativity and imagination and brings the joy and magic of Christmas to a young child’s world. It is also a great way for children that still believe to try and stay on Santa’s “Nice” list.

The door is quite detailed and looks good. It is too big to go on the skirting board but can go above (there is a large sticky pad on the back should you want to stick it too the wall, although I would recommend being careful doing this as you wouldn’t want to ruin the wall or wallpaper when removing it). We have ours on the children’s chest of drawers so they can easily see it but not within easy reach to play with.

You can encourage the children to write notes to Santa and leave them by the door for the elf to take along, and who knows, if your are really good you may even get a reply!

If you are bringing an elf into your home this Christmas then a Magical Elf Door is a must.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.99

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