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EdSheeranAlbumcardEd Sheeran Albumcard


Reviewed by Louise Best

This product arrived in a smart white envelope and enclosed was an introduction to Albumcards and brief but precise instructions on how to redeem the gift card. It felt really personal with my name and message inside the card. The front of the card had the album artwork of the artist Ed Sheeran on it which I thought was quite cool and unique. The card includes a redemption code; a 16 digit code which you enter into the Albumcards website to obtain the tracks from the album.

Underneath the personalised message there are three clear instructions on how to redeem and obtain the artists album. The first step tells you the website address to redeem the gift card. Once on the website I then had the option of setting up a user account or signing in with my Facebook profile. I decided to sign in with my Facebook profile as my family and friends love music just like me and I can definitely see myself using this website regularly to purchase albums whether for personal use or for gifts for others.

The next screen prompted me to enter the 16 digit code to redeem the album with four spaced out boxes to enter the numbers. Unlike other websites, Albumcards has very simple steps on how to retrieve the music; after entering the code you can then access the album. Downloading is just as simple; to the right of each track listed there is a button you can click on to download. I found the downloading of the album instant and within seconds I found myself singing along with Ed Sheeran!

Overall price is very good, competitive with the high street retailers. The product offers a simple way to purchase and download music and an alternative and personalised way to buy for family and friends. All in all a brilliant product which I can see being around for a long time.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Albumcards here.


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