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Reviewed by Jayne Wiggins

The simply clear packaging meant there was no doubt what had arrived for review this time, a 100% cotton backpack with grid design complete with 10 double-ended wash-out fabric pens. Simplistic design meant this looked suitable for differing ages, in fact there was a fight between my 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter to see who could decorate it first!

My 12 year old won out on being the first to experiment with this product. Forever the crafter she got straight to it, doodling and decorating the backpack. Her feedback was that the pens seemed to run. I have to agree, I used them after she had written her personal review on the backpack! The thicker end to these fabric pens needed very delicate handling though the narrow end of the double ended pens was easier to use (although the scraping feeling as it pulled across the fabric won’t be to everyone’s taste!).

The backpack itself it a very well made item. A good size which could be used as a day out backpack for any aged child once customised to his or her own taste. The cotton fabric is hard wearing, the stitching strong and the drawstring perfect for ensuring nothing is lost.

I would buy these for my childminding setting as the washable design means I could use them as children leave and new children start.


After a competed design from my daughter we put this through the wash. It should be washed at 40 but hubby accidentally put it in at 50. The backpack came out perfect, the shape is still great, stitching secure, and the artwork has washed off completely, ready for our son to add his creative genius to the product.

Overall, a great little backpack, going back to basics and allowing children to once again create their own doodles and designs.

I would have to rate it as 4/5 mostly because the weave of the fabric lets the pens down and allows too much run.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.50

Available to buy from eatsleepdoodle here.

4 Star

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