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Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

Christmas is fast approaching and many people are feeling the pressure to get an unusual gift but at the same time we are all so aware that in today’s modern world, we all have many many things already. I for one would like to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ coming into the house at Christmas. That said, it is a time of giving and so a gift that by its very ‘nature’ also keeps on giving on a global level would be the perfect gift. So I was thrilled to discover the Earthwatch Champion a Tree scheme. It allows you to gift a Tiny Forest Tree to your loved ones. Rather than having to awkwardly try and wrap an actual tree though, the scheme allows you to sponsor a tree with Tiny Forest, that will be planted and grow and give back to our environment some much-needed love.

Photo Credit: Edinburgh City Council

Each tree is sponsored just once so it really is a unique gift and the more that are bought the greater the benefit to Mother Nature. It costs £18 to sponsor a tree and you are able to pick the species and location if you so wish or you can select the option to have the choice made for you. There is a map of the UK featuring all of the available locations, with information and pictures on each as well as the available species. In return, you (your giftee) will receive a certificate of sponsorship with all the details recorded and a message that you can add to personalise it. I’m very happy to announce that I now have 3 Oak trees (one of my favourites) planted in Littlemore, Oxford in my name.

Photo credit: Richard Held

As someone who strives to minimise my and my family’s impact on the environment every day, this is the perfect gift and would suit anyone who has a love of nature and is on the lookout for opportunities to do their bit. It’s also a nice gift for those who may not have their own green space and aren’t able to contribute in that way. For me, knowing that a tree such as an Oak will live well beyond my own years and in doing so will create habitats, attract wildlife, nourish the ground and cleanse the air gives me a sense of happiness that a gift set just never could.

Photo credit: Jamie Haslam ROAM

According to the Earthwatch website, the Tiny Forests are planted in accordance with the Japanese Miyakwaki way which involves specialist soil preparation and dense planting techniques which results in much faster growth. This can transform urban areas in a much quicker timeframe, therefore ensuring the benefits are felt much sooner. What a wonderful thing to be part of, in the current climate, fast results is what is needed!

The scheme can be used by both individuals and also organisations, that can sponsor a large number of trees and gift them to employees if they wish. More information on this and on purchasing your very own tree can be found at it’s a wonderful Christmas gift that doesn’t require any difficult decisions, wrapping paper and waste and is a lifelong contribution to making a better future. The website is easy to use and there is a wealth of information on how you can get involved as well. It’s definitely up there with the best and most sustainable Christmas gifts for that nature lover, in your life, who has everything and a great way to show children alternative ways of giving.

Rating: I highly recommend it and give it a 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

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