Dribble Stop Tops Review

DribbleStopTop1Dribble Stop Tops

Reviewed by Donna Monaghan

The Dribble Stop Tops are designed to help keep baby’s chest dribble free, dry & healthy. I received a pack of 2; pink & white/white got age 9-12 months.

The packaging on the product is very good, explaining all of the benefits and allows you to see the vests. Pictures demonstrate how the dribble stop top will look on baby.

The tops themselves are like baby’s vests with an extra hidden towel layer. This layer helps prevents dribble rash, soreness and infection on a baby’s chest. The vest like design ensures nothing is tied around baby’s neck which makes them safe for sleeping and napping. Dribble Stop Tops are made from 100% cotton so the material is gentle and comfortable on baby’s skin. The tops are well made, wash well and look/feel like high quality.

The Dribble Stop Tops have a high neckline which ensures that all dribble is captured. The added bonus with the tops is that no bibs are needed and baby’s outfits are not hidden!


My 10 month old daughter wore her dribble stop top for 8 hours. There was no damp feeling on her chest at the end of the day and I had less washing due to not needing bibs – happy baby, happy mummy!

I would definitely recommend this product to mum’s who have dribbling babies – Top marks from me.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £13.99 (2 pack)

Available to buy in packs of 2 in white, blue & white stripes and pink & white stripes in sizes from 0 to 24 months from Dribble Stop Tops here.


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