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Dreamworks Dragons Plush Dragon Eggs Assortment Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

It’s always lovely to be offered a children’s toy to review as it really makes their day (and mine), but the Dreamworks Dragons Plush Dragon Eggs Assortment was a double bonus as we have a couple of dragon lovers in the family.

The “testers” are my three children aged 9, 6 and 2 and a half. The 9 year old takes this role very seriously, and if there’s a negative she will always find it.

When you purchase this toy you receive a sturdy plastic egg which is around 10cm in height, and comes in one of several colours. After zipping open the band of plastic packaging you can then easily crack open your egg to reveal a plush baby dragon from the Dreamworks movie series, “How To Train Your Dragon”.

The dragons are much more detailed than I expected for the price. They are around 8cm tall and come in a variety of designs from the movies. However all feature the trademark large eyes, wings, claws and glitter incorporated into their plush bodies. They are really sweet.

The eggs themselves are different from oneanother both in colour and in their textured designs. Our purple egg is covered with raised oval and circular-like planets or meteors, whilst the yellow one has a jagged rock design. Aside from being lovely attention to detail, this allows you the option to work out which dragon may be inside should you wish to spoil the suprise. Look at the Smyths toys site or try to peer through the shell of the egg itself before buying, as the colour of the egg does not always match the colour of the dragon. So, if you have more than one child you can ensure that everyone has a different dragon. Or, if you have a fan of the film at home who wants a specific character or even wants to collect them all (which I kind of want to do too, now) you haven’t got the disappointment of duplicates or a less favoured character like you get with a lot of these suprise toys, as you just need to look at the egg.

In terms of play options with these, as they are baby dragons my daughter wanted them lie in her pram to push around the house. The boys liked to keep hatching them and pretend that one of our large plastic dragons was the Mamma, as the egg is very much part of the toy. The bottom half of the egg can also be used as a cosy nest. My plan is to watch the movies again so that the children can perhaps “play” or recreate the scenes from “How To Train Your Dragon”. They’re a handy little toy to take in the car on a long journey as they fit into the palm of your hand. I really love these little guys the’re so original.

What I love about these cute little dragons is that they are suitable for boys and girls, and you don’t really need to be a fan of the movies to appreciate them. If your child loves dragons, or any plush toys for that matter, then these are a great purchase for £4.99. I still can’t believe how much of a bargain this price is.

The age suitability specified for these dragons is 4 years plus, with a note stating that they aren’t suitable for children under 3 years. Personally I cannot understand why a child under 4 would not want to play with these, perhaps the manufacturer have based the merchandise on the target age for the movies. I allowed my two and a half year old to play with these under supervision despite him not knowing that the movies even exist and he loves them so much, but naturally be cautious when allowing anyone under the 3 year mark to enjoy these. What I would add is that he sometimes struggles to open the eggs as they can be a little stiff in order for them to close securely, but I prefer that to them repeatedly popping open. The older two kids don’t struggle at all.

At Easter we are bombarded with bunnies, chicks and chocolate and I love that these little guys are something different but still have an Easter theme with their egg-homes. They are amazing value for money, and what an original Easter gift!

I would award these dragons 5 stars out of 5, and this score is echoed by all three of my children. My 9 year old could find nothing negative to say about them!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths toys here.

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