Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm Review


I am gobsmacked!

I would never believe that a product intended as nipple cream could have so many uses.

It says on the box ‘one product, 100’s of uses’. It has most certainly and defiantly exceeded my exceptions. 

On the box, it lists the top 10 uses as outlined below, to which I tried quite a few of them which I have I put in bold:-

  1. Soften dry, cracked lips
  2. Highlight & glossen lips
  3. Calm and hydrate sore, dry, sunburn, peeling or itchy skin
  4. Nourish scratches and grazes
  5. Mix with pigments or glitter 
  6. Smooth flyaway hair
  7. Pre-lipstick priming
  8. Cuticle or nail care
  9. Eyebrow taming
  10. Cheek shine

I tried it out on my elbows first has I have been experience some really bad and rather dry, cracked, itchy & sore skin.  Within a day, I had eased the soreness of it and I could feel the difference.  So much softer, smoother, less cracks and dry.

It works great as a lip balm.  It is quite thick and takes a while to get used to be over an hour later, my lips did still feel hydrated and moisturised.  For day time use, I only needed an extremely tiny amount of the balm for the lips, as the saying goes ‘a little goes a very long way’.  For night time, I applied double the amount, this is because our skin dehydrates more at night, plus, with the recent and very hot weather of late, my skin dehydrated more so.  Can no wait to try it out in the colder and wet weather.

It works great as a barrier prior to applying lipstick. I applied the same amount on my lips as I would do normally and then let it melt in.  I then applied my lipstick and it just glided on.  I couldn’t wait to see how it wore throughout the day and hours later, my lipstick was still in tact.  I did also apply a tiny amount on top my lipstick too.  It was not too glossy and gave it a glorious, sunkist shine and glow.

Now for the knees… WOW, WOW, WOW… OMG, I am so impressed.  Softer, smoother and so much better to look at.  More was needed when applying to the knees, only because they are a bigger area.  

I have very thin, fine and flyaway hair so, after seeing this listed in the top 10 of uses, I could not wait to try this.  I mainly tried it on the ends of my hair and found it best to rub some of the balm into my hands first to loosen it as the consistency of the balm is a bit thick to put it straight on to the hair.  It worked a dream.  I also wear my hair up in a ponytail and get a lot of fine downy and wispy hairs, the balm was amazing to tame them and the hairs stayed in place for ages.  It didn’t make my hair look greasy either which is what I was worried about.

I tried it on my cuticles and nails, made sure I massaged it well, waiting for it to sink in from the warmth of my skin.  It was lovely, however, I would be more inclined to use it a night time just before going to bed as it did feel a bit sticky.

Now for the best trial of all.  I am a qualified beautician and specialise in lashes and brows and to say it tames the brows is an understatement.  Once the balm is applied, brush the hairs into place and that it is… job done… easy as that and stayed in place all day, even until the evening.  We have had some really hot weather of late and even that did not stop the hairs moving out of place.  I also tried a tiny amount on a lash wand and applied I to my lashes, OMG! Excited or what… so not only does the balm nourish, condition and moisturise them, the balm sets the lashes in place, lifting them slightly and look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  This had to be the best use out of all of them for me, well, I am bias as I love brows and lashes.

The balm overall is and can be quite sticky at first and when applied, however, once it reacted to my body temperature, it did loosen a bit.  Some uses of it is best being applied just before bedtime

What I love about this Dr Lipp balm is the fact that it is states it is 100% natural, I do not find that many products that can make that claim.  It is odourless too, which means no chemicals or fragrances. 

Average price is £12.00 for 15ml.  A little pricey for such a small amount, however, you really do need a tiny amount for most uses and little does go a long way.  With so many uses, it saves on so many products that in the long run, it is cheaper.

SLS Free
Fragrance Free
PEG Free
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Suitable for Infants
Sulfate Free
Phthalate Free
Suitable for Pregnant Women
Gluten Free 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12

You can purchase this item here

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