Don’t Let Your Garden be a Danger Zone!


Spring is here, which means that your garden will feel open for play again! Your children have probably remained indoors throughout the winter months, but now it’s coming up to that exciting time where the sun shines and the outdoors feels comfortable once again. Of course, the first few weeks of spring are usually still pretty cold – so perhaps now it’s time to make sure your garden is safe for your children to play in!

We’re going to take a quick look at some of the safety measures parents should take. This is an especially important read during the transition from cold months to warm ones, because this is a very popular time in which to do work in the garden. This is when things can be fixed, but it’s also when a lot of mistakes can be made! So read ahead and make sure your garden is safe for your kids.

Supervision is key

No matter what advice people take from this article, it will simply never be a good substitute for careful supervision. A lot of parents become a little complacent when it comes to their garden. That doesn’t make them a bad parent, of course – it just means they’ve overestimated the safety of their garden! Taking extra care to assess the garden before letting your children play, and keeping a frequent eye on them throughout, will help you all avoid any nasty happenings.

Be careful with flowers!

Spring is the time where many of us feel inspired to get our green fingers active. After all, what’s a spring garden without some beautiful flowers to soak in the sun? There’s one problem, though: some flowers are actually deceptively dangerous. Make sure you’re familiar with the various flowers (and other plants) that can end up harming children. It’s a shame, because some of the ones on the list are really quite beautiful!

Neaten things up

So what’s going on in your garden? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, because they can get so messy This is especially true after winter, when things have been allowed to grow out, and those that haven’t grown are lying around dead and causing a mess! Bringing your garden back to neatness will help you oversee it much more thoroughly. The first step, of course, is to mow that grass! It can be hard to tell what objects are hiding in there if you let it grow out too much. You can buy Hayter mowers from Mowers Online if you want to do it yourself.

Cover up those drains

Many, if not most, homes have open drains somewhere on the property, usually close to the house and in the back garden. Children often become pretty curious about these drains, especially if they’re very young and they see water running through them. Of course, these drains are hardly very hygienic, and sometimes the water that comes out of there can be dangerously hot! Ensure that these are covered up properly so those curious little hands can’t go reaching around and playing in there!

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