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Reviewed by Claire Giles

My twin girls age 3 were so excited to go to Diggerland after looking at their webpage. Me and my husband were honestly not sure what to expect from an adventure park based on diggers but we were very pleasantly surprised.

Diggerland was easy to find. We followed the satnav to the main road and then there was a huge Diggerland sign that could be seen from the top of the road high lightening the entrance. As you drove up to Diggerland off the main road there were decorated diggers. My girls especially liked the pink digger and we had to slow down to take a look. There was a large car park directly outside the main entrance. Once inside we were greeted by the Diggerland mascots and the kids had their picture taken with them. The staff member on the reception was very courteous and helpful. She explained how the park worked and pointed out the café and toilets. Our hands were all stamped so that we could head back to the car if needed and then re-enter Diggerland.

On entrance to the park most of the attractions are directly in front of you. You walk round the central part and all the rides / attractions there are included in the entrance price. There are also several coin operated fairground round and go karts around the sides which are payable. These were approximately £1 a ride. The rides are all height restricted. My girls were too small to go on most of the rides themselves and had to be accompanied by an adult (this was a good excuse for me and my husband to go on all the rides as well!). We accompanied the girls on the go karts, riding the robot diggers and driving the dumper trucks (which I managed to crash and had to be rescued by a member of staff!). My girls especially loved the go karts and had a big grin on their faces all the way round the track. We went for a ride on the Diggerland train to find dinosaurs. Around the park diggers were set up to play games with. There was traditional digging in mud with diggers, playing hook a duck and skittles with diggers which is actually quite hard and picking up bricks with diggers. My girls loved taking the controls to play these. Not sure they quite got the hang of it but loved playing with the diggers and making them go up and down, side to side. The girls really wanted to go on the cars you drove around a track but they couldn’t get the hang of steering them and the cars were too small to accompany them on. A member of staff very nicely volunteered to walk alongside the car around the track and help them steer which was really nice of them. My husband who is a lot braver than me went on the spin dizzy ride which spins you round high in the air (even he was surprised how fast it went) and the Sky Shuttle which lifts you 50ft into the air. A few of the rides the girls couldn’t go on as they were too small but there was still plenty to do.

By this time we had been in the park nearly 3 hours and it was starting to get really cold so we headed inside for a break. We first headed to the toilets. There were quite a few toilets and they were very clean and tidy. There was even a tap outside the toilets to clean your shoes / boots before you headed inside. Inside is a large soft play area, with a smaller bit for under 3’s, and a small bouncy castle. Also several payable arcade type games inside. There were plenty of tables and chairs for people of eat their own food inside. There were some benches outside to eat on as well which might be nice in the summer. Outside the soft play area was a fairground style trailer that served hot and cold drinks, sweets and other small snacks. A café is situated upstairs but we didn’t go in the cafe as were brought our own food. After spending about an hour in the soft play and having lunch we headed back outside. We went on the go karts and robot diggers again which the girls really loved but it stared to get really cold so we started heading back to the car. If the weather had been nicer we would have stayed a lot longer. Due to the colder weather though it wasn’t too busy in the park and we didn’t really have to queue for any of the rides which was good.

The exit is through the gift shop. Children can pick up a free certificate in the gift shop to take home that certifies them as ’Junior Digger Drivers’. I was expecting a shop full of digger themed items but there was a good selection of gifts inside all reasonable priced. My girls got a squeezy monster and a Diggerland plastic medal each which they loved. They wore the medals all day and told everyone they saw about their day at Diggerland.

I would definitely recommend Diggerland for a great family day out. We all enjoyed it and will definitely be going again in the summer when the weather is warmer and hopeful my girls will be slightly taller and able to go on all the rides. Our oldest daughter who is 10 years old didn’t come with us to Diggerland as she thought she would be too old. After telling her about our day she wants to come along with us next time. Admission price can be quite expensive for families (£19.95 per person for adults and children over 90cm) but discount can be obtained by booking in advance online.

Rating: 4.5/5

Admission prices:
Adults to age 65 & children 90cm or over – £19.95
Age 65+ – £9.95
Children under 90cm – Free
Discounts are available for groups of 10+ or if booking online in advance.

For more information or to book tickets visit www.diggerland.com.

Diggerland Yorkshire, Willowbridge Lane, Whitwood, WF10 5NW | 0871 22 77 007

4 half Star

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