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Cricut Joy Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I have always loved arts and crafts but have tended to feel limited by struggling creativity wise.  My mum on the other hand is so practical and creative.  I can remember wearing matching outfits with my younger sister as a child and my mum seemingly effortlessly making patterned jumpers on her knitting machine.   My lack of creativity has in the past put me continuing with things.   As a forty something single mum of three arts and crafts mad children, I jumped at the chance of reviewing a Cricut Joy. I was like an excited child at Christmas the day it arrived which also happened to fall midst my uni exam period.  This was the first test.  How long could I resist the urge to leave it unopened in it’s box?   Now, anyone who has experienced the ‘joy’ that is a Cricut Joy could possibly guess that I could not resist the urge to open it even for a few hours. By that evening I had it unpacked making my first craft make…

The box contained:

  • Cricut machine
  • Power adapter
  • Blade and housing
  • 0.4mm fine point black pen
  • Standard Grip Mat (4.5 x 6.5 inches)
  • Welcome card
  • Free trial membership to Cricut Access (new subscibers only)
  • 50 projects in design space ready for you to get started with
  • Welcome envelope which contains some materials you can use to make a test cut.

Cricut also kindly sent me the following items:

Cricut Joy Beachside Permanent Smart Vinyl 5.5 x 12 inches (5 pack) RRP: £8.00

Cricut Joy Hydrangeas Removable Smart Vinyl 5.5 x 12 inches (5 pack) RRP: £8.00

Cricut Joy Smart Label Writable Paper Permanent 5.5 x 12 inches (4 pack) RRP: £8.00

Cricut Joy Starter Tool Set 3 Pack RRP: £15.00

Cricut Joy Transfer Tape 5.5 x 48 inches RRP: £6.00

Cricut Joy Smart Permanent Writable Vinyl 5.5 x 48 inches RRP: £8.00

Cricut Joy Cardmat RRP £7.00

Cricut Joy Large Lightgrip Mat RRP £10.00

Cricut Joy Large Standardgrip Mat RRP £10.00

Cricut Joy Silver Violet and Copper Metallic Markers 3 Pack RRP: £9.00

Cricut Joy Elegance Smart Iron-On 5.5 x 12 inches (3 pack) RRP: £11.00

Cricut Joy Neon Smart Iron-On 5.5 x 12 inches (3 pack) RRP: £11.00

Cricut Easypress 2 Heat Press 23cm x 23cm RRP: £170.00

Cricut Easypress Heat Resistant Mat 50 x 41cm RRP: £40.00

Cricut Joy Neutral Insert Cards 4.5 x 5.5 inches (12 pack) RRP: £7.00

Seeing all of these wonderful products really added to the fact that I couldn’t wait to get started with my new ‘baby’.  Yes, the Cricut Joy has changed my life and I spend my free time dreaming up my next craft project and planning which products I need to purchase to make it.

Cricut Design Space App

I downloaded the Cricut Design space app onto both my iPhone and my laptop.  It will also work on an Android device too.  I then signed up for the free trial of Cricut Access which costs just £7.99 Per month.  I was wowed. There are so many projects available to make and it walks you through it step by step as well as telling you which materials you will need to make the project.   With Father’s Day coming up at the time, I did a search for a Dad themed project. I came across some wonderful card designs and decided to make a few.  The card mat is amazing, such a clever design which keeps the front of the card in place to be cut or drawn on while the back of the card is neatly tucked away. I had made a handful of beautiful cards in a matter of minutes.  The next morning my 7 year old twins really enjoyed making the cards with mummy.  They did the really important job of pressing the Go button on the app.  Their dad was delighted with the cards we made him.   I have a huge list in my head of all the Cricut Access craft projects I want to make. I hope to buy the materials bit by bit and do so.  There are tote bags, cushions, cards, fashion garments, window decorations and so much more projects to make wise.  If you fancy making your own design it is so easy to start a new project and search for images under a key word in design space. The selection of available fonts is excellent soo and it shows you what they will look like even before you choose them.

I have only had my Cricut Joy a few weeks and so far I have made – cards, t shirts with a vinyl design on, photo frames with a lovely saying on as gifts for various people,  water bottles with my twins names on and a wine glass as a birthday present for my mum.   Some designs I have made from Cricut Access  ready to go projects, some I made my own design with text and images from Design Space and others I purchased SVG cutting file designs inexpensively off of Etsy.  My favourite ‘make’ so far was t-shirts with ‘Gamer’ on for my 7 year old twins.  This was one of the ready-to-go projects within Cricut Access.  I hope to make them the gamer themed backpacks within Cricut Access before they go back to school in September.

Both the cutting machine and the app are so easy to use, which was a relief for myself as I tend to feel a bit daunted by technology.   I even discovered that the blade will stick to the machine when you take it out temporarily to use a pen tool.  That is so handy as I do have a tendency to misplace things.  I like the fact that Design Space is so user friendly.

This little machine has, excuse the pun, brought crafting joy back into my life.  I think that it is the perfect starter machine for a beginner such as myself.    I did want to mention what a wonderful gift this would make for that Crafting Mad person in your life.  I have my sights set on getting a Cricut Maker as a Christmas Gift this year.

I did also want to mention what fantastic quality the tools and materials are.   I particularly love the new Smart materials as you do not need to use a cutting mat with them. I found the Smart Vinyl much more easy to use than some non Cricut vinyl purchased online.  I am a huge fan of any product which helps people express their individuality.   I think that the Cricut Joy certainly achieves that.  It is my twins 8th birthday next week and I hope to make them a birthday banner taking advantage of the generous length of continuous vinyl (20 foot) which the Cricut Joy will cut.  The Cricut Joy is compact enough to store away and to travel with you, which is  a good thing because I would miss crafting so much if I didn’t take it with me.  My only regret is that I did not have a Cricut cutting machine in my life years ago.

Do keep an eye out for more Cricut related blog posts as I will be blogging about some of my upcoming makes. I plan to screen print using the Cricut Joy, make wall art, use Cricut infusible ink, make some summer garden decorations, organise my kitchen and so much more….   For inspiration, I do recommend having a look at the Cricut’s Instagram as there are so many exciting ideas for craft projects on there.  Their tutorials are fantastic.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £179.00

This product can be purchased from Hobbycraft here.

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