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Cricut Joy – A Wonderful Month Of Crafting


By Debbie Talbot

As I mentioned in my recent review of my Cricut Joy, I have always been interested in crafts but what put me off was feeling totally uncreative.   What I love most about my Cricut Joy is that so much support is available from Cricut by way of ready-to-make projects.  I thought I would give you a run down of all of the items I have made since I have had the wonderful little machine which is the Cricut Joy:

Greetings cards

I subscribed to Cricut Access within Design Space.  This gives me access to so many wonderful possible card designs. I have tried out a good few of them and made Father’s Day cards, a lovely card for my mum and for someone else in my life.  Cricut Insert Cards, kindly gifted to me by Cricut, make the job of making someone a beautiful hand made card so simple.  I made a few in just a few minutes and I found it to be the perfect project as a somewhat apprehensive Cricut Joy beginner.  I would say that each card took me around 2 mins.

T shirts

I have made 3 t-shirts so far.  One was made from Cricut iron-on and the other two from non Cricut premium red heat transfer vinyl which was purchased from Amazon.   One t shirt, made from Cricut Smart iron-on kindly gifted to me by Cricut was for my teenage daughter and has an amusing ‘Dogs are Cuter than Boys’ slogan on it  in red and black.  

The SVG Cutting file is a Muse Digital Art design that I purchased from Etsy:

I think that using two colours makes the design look phenomenal.   I purchased the SVG cutting file design for £2.99 (Muse Digital Art Etsy shop) and do want to make clear that this is not my own design.   I purchased the SVG cutting file here

The second and third t-shirts I made were from Cricut Access.

My 7 year old twin sons are keen gamers and it made perfect sense for me to make them each a gamer t shirt.  Both of these blank t shirts, my daughter’s blank t shirt and the heat transfer vinyl were purchased by a family member off of Amazon. The blank t shirts cost £2-3 each. All three t shirts turned out looking amazing and I was delighted about this considering I am such a Cricut Joy newbie.  I did want to mention that I find the Smart iron-on much easier to use than non Cricut heat transfer vinyl as you do not need to use a cutting mat.  I would say that each t shirt took me around 20 minutes.

Wine glass

It was my mum’s birthday at the beginning of July and I wanted to make her some hand made gifts.  A wine glass was purchased from Home Bargains for just 59p and I used some of the permanent Smart vinyl which Cricut kindly gifted me to put a Best Nanny with a heart and a kiss onto a wine glass.  The Cricut transfer tape, which Cricut kindly gifted me made this process so easy.  I had watched some You Tube tutorials from other crafters and picked up the tip to snip around your design several times to make applying the vinyl to the glass easier. My mum loved her present.  I used both light and dark pink vinyl which complemented each other really well.  I would say that the whole process took me around 15 minutes.

Photo frames

I have made a few photo frames which have taken me around 15 minutes each.   The photo frames were purchased in The Range for £1-2 each.  I then used some patterned card stock, again from The Range and used the pen tool (which came with the Cricut Maker which was gifted to me by Cricut) to add a really cool quote to each frame.  I made an ‘Eat, Teach, Sleep, Repeat’ frame for a teacher friend and another teacher. 

This SVG cutting file is part of a bundle I purchased from Milkshake Clipart’s Etsy shop:

This was an SVG cutting file design I purchased as part of a bundle from Etsy. It costs £19.31 at the time of writing this post and is for sale in Milkshake Clipart’s Etsy shop. I made my mum a Best Nanny themed frame for her birthday. This I designed myself in Design Space trying out the various available fonts till I found the one which best suited me.   I then made myself a ‘Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’ frame from a SVG cutting file design which was part of a bundle from Milkshake Clipart’s Etsy shop.  These make well thought out gifts which are inexpensive to make.

Water bottles

One of my first makes was putting permanent Cricut Smart vinyl which Cricut kindly gifted me onto my sons’ water bottles.  They absolutely love them.   I also plan to make some monogram water bottles for my daughter and her niece.  I may also not be able to resist making one for myself.

Future plans

I am over the moon with just how much I have managed to successfully make in my first month of having a Cricut Joy.  Cricut Access makes it so easy to plan future projects too and make a list of what you need for them.

I have way too many planned ‘makes’ – yes, I feel like a proper crafter now – to mention here, but my favourites are some gorgeous dinosaur floating frames for my twin sons’ bedroom and some dinosaur wall art for their bedroom door.  I also want to make them a gamer themed backpack for going back to school after the summer holidays.   It is their 8th birthday next week and I hope to make some colour in yourself jigsaw puzzles using white card stock. I know that they will love colouring in the puzzles and showing their individuality.   I also love the idea of buying my twins a denim jacket each and personalising them with a design they fancy from Cricut Access.

Do look out for my future posts as I plan to post my ‘makes’ on here regularly.

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